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Digital Multimedia cards - are we being milked as cash cows?

Von: aniramca@yahoo.com [Profil]
Datum: 02.12.2006 23:17
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Newsgroup: alt.computer alt.technology.miscrec.photo.digital alt.comp
I opened my drawers and staring an a number of SD cards: 6 MB, 12MB,
32MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, and the 512 MB that I used in my camera
and computer.  Now there are even 1 and 2 GBs available. Never mind
about SD cards alone, There are others like xD card, Compact Flash,
Memory stick, smartmedia, and even a few more type. My questions are as
- Could those manufacturers who make these cards actually can produce
the high MBs cards as easy as the low MBs?  Or are we being couched so
that we keep buying when they become available? (some type of
subscriptions). Is this a scheme from the limited number of
producers/suppliers (some kind of monopoly)? Or, are those different
MBs card have different technology and sophistication built into them?
I know that, for example the 2GB cards are already out there but they
are still expensive. Are they expensive so that those producers can
recover research developments for those high capacity cards, or they
just merely phasing the production to ensure that the consumers keep
buying different MBs cards (or in their term - until they can reach an
economic of scale)?
- I never though that they can squeeze in 1 GB on the same SD card like
the 6 MBs a few years ago. Are these cards (6MBs vs 1GB for example)
actually made with different technology, materials, and architectures?

- Is there actually a limit on how much GB that they can squeeze into
the same SD cards (or xD or others) ? I notice that Sony's memory stick
has the Duo stick, which is larger than the original one.
- Are all different the cards (MMC, SD,xD, memory stick, Smartmedia,
Compact flash) use different technology/architecture inside? or it is
just the shape and size that they make?  I notice that the Smartmedia
card (wafer thin), SD/xD/stick, and Compact Flash looks different. But,
it is basically the same 'ingredients" , just like Coke vs Pepsi?

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