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do NOT buy an HP laptop

Von: rafiki (ficke@erols.com) [Profil]
Datum: 10.07.2007 22:53
Message-ID: <1184100805.693664.235450@q75g2000hsh.googlegroups.com>
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I got an HP Pavillion zd7000 two years ago.  After only one year, it
started to overheat and shutdown, at least once a day.  I had to place
it on a book with the exhaust fans hanging off so they could breath in
order just to use it.  Eventually after one of the routine shutdowns,
Windows would not start again.  I had to take it to the only "HP
certified shop" in the area, an hour away, and pay $100 for them to
say it was just dirty and to clean the fans.  So I got it back and
cleaned the fans regularly, but it would still shut down often.  Then
after another year (only two years after purchasing it) Windows did
not start again.  I took it back to the same place, and they cleaned
it but said it was something more than that.  They installed a new
motherboard, and it was still overheating, then sent that back and
installed another motherboard, and the same thing happened.  So they
call me and basically say we don't know what the hell is wrong, we
want to ship it back to HP, but it's going to cost at least $500 to
fix it, and maybe more depending on what they find, and the harddrive
may be wiped.  Now for only triple that cost I can get a great brand
new one, so that's what I did, this time with a 3 year warranty.  I
went with Lenovo ThinkPad T61, and I love it so far.  You can barely
even hear the fans running or feel any heat.  It is simply ridiculous
for a computer to crap out after only two years.  I also had a HP
Pavillion desktop years ago that would freeze up constantly, but at
least that lasted 4 years first.  Stay clear of HP!!!


Thank you drive through.

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