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Compaq Armada 110 Laptop - Repair Help

Von: bigal.nz@gmail.com [Profil]
Datum: 07.07.2007 05:58
Message-ID: <1183780703.743099.255940@g37g2000prf.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.comp.hardwarecomp.sys.laptops alt.compnz.comp
Hi All,

I have a laptop here that the user reports is dead. No lights at power
on or any signs of life.

The power adapter is outputting the correct volatge - check it with a
multi meter.

So I found the service manual and took the laptop apart, and when I
put the power plug in the led on the motherboard came to life, so I
put it back together and it booted into windows XP - yay.

Then to be sure I tried to boot it again and it wouldnt boot at all,
no power led's, but now I do hear the HDD spool up and the light on
the side of the CD tray comes on.

Something is clearly wrong, but I have not really tried to repair too
many laptops before. I was doing some reading on repairing laptops,
and I think I should start with finding the volatge regulator and
seeing if it is putting out the right voltages?

Love to hear any other thoughts on how to try to fix this.


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