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What is this hosted sevices I keep hearing about ?

Von: Warwick Moore (wmoore@pip.com.au) [Profil]
Datum: 23.04.2009 09:54
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Hosted Services and Cloud Computing. These are two of the new buzz words
that we are hearing from the IT industry. But what exactly are they?  Well,
hosted services can mean any IT service that is hosted in a third party
environment. Web Site hosting has been around for many years and people
didn't make a big deal out of that, and those old enough to remember bureau
services provided a type of hosted service many years ago.

So why make a big deal about "hosted services" now?

Traditionally, companies run their IT systems with a server and client
workstations onsite. If they had multiple offices, they ran this
configuration in each site or used serial communications if their
application was suitable. With the advent of increased graphics in
applications, serial communication couldn't be used, however the traditional
server and workstations located in the workplace works well.

With the advancement in technology, applications are becoming more feature
and graphic rich and data communications have become faster and cheaper. The
increasing demand for timely information, increased uptime, improved
communications with email and wireless connectivity, it is becoming an
expensive exercise to setup, maintain and upgrade in the traditional local
environment.  Companies need in-house skills or contractors in local area
networking, server maintenance, security, mobile communications and overall
system strategy not to mention which staff member was responsible for

Most successful companies or businesses these days want to focus on their
core business. Technology and IT are tools they use to achieve their
objectives or a necessary evil forced upon them. They don't want to know
about it but they want it to work for the lowest possible price.

So the objective is utilizing the latest technology without hassles for the
lowest price. Enter the "New Hosted Services".   The following business
example will illustrate the some of the features of Hosted Services:

Business: "Medical Practice"
Location: "Two Surgeries"
Doctors in Total: "12"
Admin Staff:  "4"

Requirement: Doctors have to be able to access patient records from both
locations, home and local nursing homes. Administration staff also need

Backups and System up time are critical as all patient records are on the

Business doesn't want to employ full time IT staff and contractors can be
slow to respond.

There are many good Software packages that provide databases and accounting
for the medical industry. Current technology allows one location to access
another cost effectively however the communications are still not fast
enough for the remote branch. This occurs because ADSL which most people use
has a much slower speed on the out traffic than in traffic so the remote
site is limited to the speed of the out traffic.

One solution is use a high speed BDSL line, however this is very expensive
and we still incur all the other costs and problems of running and
maintaining an in house system.

What do Hosting Centres provide?

Most provide a secure controlled environment for your server using your
software and hardware. They also supply faster communication channels plus
some type of remote hands service.

You are responsible for everything else.

Some specialist centres, we will call them Managed Application Providers,
provide everything except your application software.

If the medical practice moves their IT to this type of centre, the centre
will provide Hardware, Operating Systems, Managed Communications, Redundant
Systems and Backup just to name a few services. This service is charged
generally on a per user per month basis. Applications can be accessed using
low cost ADSL because the centre's have large capacity Data links. The
centres have 24 hours support and are continually upgrading their equipment
and Operating System to the latest version.

From the medical practice point of view, it meets their requirements.

Warwick Moore
Has been consulting and selling hardware and software solutions across all
industry platforms for over 20 years.
He is currently employeed by   Managed Hosted Services company -


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