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Computer technology for the visually impaired.

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Huge cost of JawsBrian Gaff08.06.10
Vinux (Linux for the visually impaired)chris mcmillan03.06.10
Screen sharing software for usability tests.Michael30.05.10
testBrian G09.05.10
BIOS access for blind users?ShadowTek02.05.10
Jaws version 8-9 with skype?So It Goes08.04.10
Malwarebytes new versionBrian Gaff02.04.10
PDF mess ups.Brian Gaff27.03.10
Help include the visually impaired in Madagasca...Ujjvala15.03.10
Windows live (dead) mail and slower machinesBrian Gaff07.03.10
Jaws scripts for "Microsoft Dynamics C5"Jan lr15.02.10
Help create a Braille voting template in South ...Ujjvala10.02.10
If you care about access to Linux read this.Brian Gaff07.02.10
HelloChris Hallsworth07.02.10
Your favourite voice on a screenreader.Brian Gaff06.02.10
Inclusive Planetchris mcmillan26.01.10
I know Brian ans maybe some others use IE6-7......burt henry22.01.10
quick online survey from university of washingtonShani20.01.10
301165 Up to date Net and Tech news, knowledge,...Andrew W.19.01.10
New firefoxBrian Gaff19.01.10
podcasts/websites/rssBrian Gaff16.01.10
bluetooth headsetMichael Weaver15.01.10
help with bluetooth headsetMichael Weaver14.01.10
Podcast software for Jaws.Brian Gaff08.01.10
A test post, do not read!Brian Gaff24.12.09
Somewhat OT: Where to buy talking multimeters i...Roland Zitzke24.12.09
Please Help me by filling this questioner - for...Varuni Wijeratne15.12.09
Lytest Skype version accessible with NVDA?Roland Zitzke10.12.09
TB3 to hit the streets!burt henry09.12.09
finally got something from the ISPburt henry07.12.09
finding a girlfriendMichael Weaver07.12.09
How do you move desktop icons (Windows XP)?J. P. Gilliver (J...06.12.09
What do you do with old cds?Brian Gaff06.12.09
controling heatersMichael Weaver03.12.09
New utility for making backups of WindowsJohn Doe30.11.09
NVDA-ready for the blind masses and serious com...bando?ers@gmail25.11.09
Spoken-WebEyal Shalom18.11.09
linux newsreaderKeith Barratt12.11.09
recording filmsMichael Weaver09.11.09
What is Fredshead?...has link to known exxploit...burt henry07.11.09
vinux site has bandwidth now....burt henry07.11.09
Screen Reader Surveypmoore1302.11.09
Home-recording of audio book - seeking suggesti...Uncle Clover01.11.09
maybe OT - small portable VGA monitor (and/or V...J. P. Gilliver (J...01.11.09
I see my posts made it/extra fwd'ed msgs....burt henry31.10.09
I can't find your msg to reply Chris....new thr...burt henry30.10.09
installing ubuntuMichael Weaver30.10.09
A personal update on Thunderbirdburt henry29.10.09
windows 7Michael Weaver27.10.09
Who is using the NVDA beta?bando?ers27.10.09