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War FTP Daemon 1.82 RC 13 availableRene Foschiatto22.10.09
wholesale cheap,new artful dodger hoodies,nike ...salegoodshoes03.02.08
ODBC TroubleDan Bentley04.01.08
Free Online Sexhealthcare5dfe8@g...09.10.07
Change to mount folder but users see old contentKevin Lucas18.09.07
[sysadmin] - failed to ChDir[] to home and root...Devilyousay20.07.07
DNS lookup failed. Error: The requested name is...giganews17.07.07
Is there any version of warftp that supports se...shoman10112.07.07
Password problemRick Bruner11.07.07
Cheap Marlboro cigarettes. ------- As neatly a...Simone11.07.07
how to show windows hidden files via ftpZanetti Marco20.06.07
Problems disconnecting clientSawada99911.06.07
Release: WarLib C++ libraryJarle Aase29.05.07
I know this is a pretty lame question but...richard.a.hubbard...15.05.07
Release: War Setup version 3 BETAJarle Aase14.05.07
Fehler beim einloggen: LF USER NOT FOUND ? Eins...acfuchs@edumail.at10.04.07
550 Permission denied after 1.82 upgradeBillS09.04.07
LITERAL LIST doesn't workbernd19.03.07
Users from Active Directoryjosemimos@hotmail...20.02.07
Major filesize related bug in War FTP Daemon 1....Patrick Vervoorn30.01.07
WarFTPd v1.82.00-RC11 Directory access problem ...apoliak@gmail.com18.01.07
cannot connect from outside localhostJoshuaGarr14.01.07
already mapped network folder access deniedvince23.12.06
Can the ./ be removed ?RichardG22.12.06
blocking domain rangeem22.12.06
blocking ip range possible?em22.12.06
Server locks upiMaiden21.12.06
upping sunique limitgeorge.herndon@gm...06.12.06
WarFTPD is sometimes Shutting down after inacti...ukam@brunata-muen...05.12.06
new installationMaxim01.12.06
Failed to ChDir() to home and root directory - ...KentL01.12.06
First Fireside Edition 1992gcsb@email.it11.11.06
Merge User Dataspoonerd@rsc.org09.11.06
Log In ProblemsGreg & Mary Beth06.11.06
Log-In ProblemsGreg & Mary Beth06.11.06
nat conf problemjwojkp@gmail.com31.10.06
how to understand route protocalwang30.10.06
who have some movie about Internet?wang30.10.06
Service Failure caused by the looks of things b...Neil Barras28.10.06
Status for War FTP Daemon version 3Jarle Aase27.10.06
Help with installationGreg & Mary Beth25.10.06
WarFTP Helpmarquisaj25.10.06
on upload, execute programf3l20.10.06
War-FTPd (1.82-00-RC11-i386) and Windows Vista ...Conor12.10.06
sany kind of secure transfer or https support?shoman10112.10.06
is there anything we can do?colter law08.10.06
warftp ls command returns ./eric.boniface@gma...05.10.06