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Delta Soft Site Updated

Von: The Kid (thekid@xs4all.nl) [Profil]
Datum: 09.01.2007 21:22
Message-ID: <45a3f984$0$334$e4fe514c@news.xs4all.nl>
Newsgroup: comp.sys.msx alt.comp.msx
Hello Everybody,

I have just updated the Delta Soft website. Read all about our new game to
come Lucky Darts and read all about how to cheat in Konami Quiz 2 !

In Konami Quiz 2 there are two hidden cheats. Press T (The Kid) or the R
(Rambi) in the playerchoice menu to activate them.

With this cheat your player will have 7500 gold, won 5 cartridges, answered
1000 questions correct and 1 incorrect. This "cheat" is in the game just for
testing purpose.

The second "cheat" is even better, because with this one you can choose for
15 completely different players, all family of the main charater Peter
Penguin. Press the P in the playerchoice menu and the Penguin Power will be

The Kid

Delta Soft



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