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blueMSX 2.7

Von: benoît delvaux (benoit.delvaux@tiscali.be) [Profil]
Datum: 13.05.2007 00:19
Message-ID: <0vOdnSB9HYtPoNvbnZ2dnUVZ8sylnZ2d@scarlet.biz>
Newsgroup: alt.comp.msx
A new version of the great emulator blueMSX is available !

Version 2.7 can be viewed as version 2.5 enhanced :
- after the IDE harddisk emulation, blueMSX has now support for different
kinds of SCSI devices : MEGA-SCSI, WAVE-SCSI, MSX Club Gouda SCSI (NOVAXIS)
and SCSI CD Audio / CD-ROM
- blueMSX has now complete support for the Yamaha CX5M, CX5M-128 and
CX7M-128 computers, as MIDI support has been added to the existing emulation
of the YM2151 sound chip and the YK-01, YK-10 and YK-20 music keyboards

Version 2.7 can also can be viewed as version 2.2 enhanced as a new version
of the trainer has been implemented, with improved search capabilities and a
new .mcf file format

Which are the other changes ?
- Added support for keyboard input in the Philips Music Module (MSX-Audio)
- Added support for MIDI input and output in the Philips Music Module
- Added support for ESE-SCC, ESE-RAM and Mega Flash ROM SCC cartridges
- Added remove all harddisks feature
- Added support for sprite mirroring (screen 2) in MSX1 machines
- Added pixel accuracy in screen 0
- Added Home hotkey in debugger to go to current command
- Added new values in the cpu register window of the debugger
- Added ability to use registers in the 'Go to' feature and the memory
viewer of the debugger
- When CPU is stopped by a breakpoint, the sound buffer is cleared
- Fixed z80 timing bugs
- Fixed z80 instruction bugs
- Fixed bug in Cas and Disk leds
- Vram pointer updated correctly in MSX1 machines
- 5th Sprite status bits updated correctly
- Fixed bug with collision detection for transparent sprites
- Screen 0 masking handled correctly
- Fixed digitize enable bit (ignoring it) in screen 0-4
- Fixed scroll bug in screen 4
- TC8566AF format bug fixed : filler byte was not used.
- Fixed a bug in the Panasonic FDC that caused some MSX2+ machines to fail
- Fixed aliasing in SCC filter
- Improved Moonsound emulation
- Fixed bug in mirrored mapper
- Re-added support for old command line rom types

You can find this emulator here : http://www.bluemsx.com

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