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New translation of Psycho World

Von: benoît delvaux (mars2000@skynet.be) [Profil]
Datum: 07.03.2009 14:05
Message-ID: <49b2713f$0$2861$ba620e4c@news.skynet.be>
Newsgroup: alt.comp.msx
A few months ago, Django, the never tired translator, has surprised us with
a triple translation (English - French - Spanish) of Psycho World, released
in 1988 by Hertz.

His move has incited FRS, a Brazilian fan, to release a better translation,
improve the playability and eliminate a nasty bug, by creating a
multilingual version (English - Japanese - Portuguese) for harddisk !

You will find in the Goodies of Passion MSX this HD version and the normal
DSK versions in English and Portuguese; we hope to add later the improved
versions in French and Spanish, also on the HD file !


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