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Raid's "harmless" virus wipes victim's disk

Von: Anne Onime (anonymous@rip.ax.lt) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 18:15
Message-ID: <bba4964144a00e366e8dc5befc9d448f@rip.ax.lt>
Newsgroup: alt.comp.virus
(Notice how Raid/Dustin Cook/John H. Grahms subtly taunts this victim
who is losing his disk to Raid's "harmless" virus. Notice also in some
of his recent posts how he argues that none of his viruses ever did
harm. Tell the big lie often enough for long enough and he thinks it
will cover up the truth of his destructive behavior. Raid/Dustin Cook is
your average, lowlife, common criminal whose lifelong theme you will
find at the bottom of this post: "Indifference to doing harm."  That,
people, is the tag line of every sociopath who ever lived.)

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From: Raid Slam (soho20NOsoS...@hotmail.com.invalid)
Subject: Re: Irok virus?
Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus
Date: 2000/03/23

In article <38D4A073.4676A...@nospam.com>, "Leon A. Koch"

<nos...@nospam.com> wrote:
>Has anyone heard of a virus called "irok".


>I discovered a vbs file in my startup folder recently,
>but as I don't use Outlook, the virus didn't spread.
>Upon editing the irokrun.vbs file, I found the script
>referenced an executable called "irok.exe" that was
>in my windows/system directory. I was unable to
>delete any of these files, and needless to say Norton
>didn't find anything. I figured this virus was harmless,
>and I would just wait for an updated virus definitions
>so I could remove it, however...

The vbs file is created by the executable that referenced it,
Only one time however. Your machine was marked for future
incidents should another virus ever come your way that knows
about the identification. Irok uses the marker so it doesn't
place another .vbs file in your startup directory. I only want
you to email your friends and associates once. If you did so more
then one time, they might know something's up. Norton will not be
aware of the virus until they have decided upon a unique
scanstring to use. Hueristics never have been a problem for me.

>About a day later while using PGP tools, a dos window
>appeared. It said something about burning the world,
>and it then told me that my harddrive had been erased.
>Sure enough upon checking, the entire harddrive had
>been corrupted. It was a secondary drive, used only for
>file storage.

The lyrics quoted are from Tool Anema. While it does say your
hard disk was erased, that's not exactly accurate. :) I'll leave
you to figure out what happened to your stuff, if anything.

>I also have linux on the same machine, so I can get
>access to the files, but none of them have a valid name
>( all root directories are called '???????' ). Several linux
>utilities for rebuilding the file allocation table have failed
>( it's a fat32 drive ).

LOL! That's because nothing was wrong with your file allocation
tables in the first place.

>Does anyone know what virus I have, or how to recover
>my hard drive?

Yes and Yes.

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