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Wireless laptop problems

Von: Randy and Ann (randyandann@cox.net) [Profil]
Datum: 15.02.2010 13:13
Message-ID: <NTaen.82710$Fe4.11934@newsfe21.iad>
Newsgroup: alt.computer
Hi, my dad bought me a HP laptop and my sister a ASUS laptop last month that
both run off windows 7.  We've had internet connection problems ever since
we got them.  You all helped us once before and thought you could again.  We
have a Net Gear WPN 824 router that connects wirelessly to our laptops.
The internet comes in from the wall through the wired cable modem to the
wireless router to the desktop computer. We made sure the security
encryption is WPA TKIP, since the guy at Best Buy said Windows 7 doesn't
like WPA.  We have a total of 3 computers, 2 wirelessly connected to the
internet and one that isn't wireless.  Our dad's computer is the oldest one
so it does not have windows 7.  We did have my dad's computer and my sisters
laptop work at the same time but not all 3 at once.  I'm 12 so I don't know
that much about computers, so if anybody has had this problem before or
could think of some solutions that could help get all 3 to work at the same
time that would be great, thanks in advanced.

Sometimes only the desktop works and sometime the desktop and my sisters
computer work. In the beginning, mine would connect too???

Thanks, Sam

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