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Windows 7 UAC

Von: John (invalid@invalid.com) [Profil]
Datum: 26.03.2010 02:29
Message-ID: <1ttj30wm8fpbz$.kiznujwzseyk$.dlg@40tude.net>
Newsgroup: alt.computer
I've been using Windows 7 for around four weeks on a new build computer
(previously used Windows XP) and finding that clicking on UAC every few
minutes is getting a little much. I also use Outpost Firewall Pro that also
asks for permission until the rule has been made when starting software.

Searching for disabling UAC brings up many sites all warning against
turning UAC off for security reasons but I've just about had it with UAC.
Wouldn't be too bad if it worked like Outpost Pro where rules are made so
you don't keep getting asked the same question everytime you open a
programme. So, how do you feel about UAC? Have you turned it off and lived
without dire things happening? Or do you keep persevering with the OK click

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