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Von: Steve B (deserttraver@fishymail.net) [Profil]
Datum: 07.03.2010 04:26
Message-ID: <n0jb67-sg51.ln1@news.infowest.com>
Newsgroup: alt.computer
Just got back from the big city to rural USA.  Popped in 2 GB PNY RAM on
special from Fry's, and the computer works much faster.  Will notice it more
playing tunes from file, downloading from Limewire, having IE8 open and
surfing, and having Microsoft Word open and writing from Internet info, all
at the same time.  That's when my 512 was dragging ***.  I think that will
be the acid test.  Oh my, just opened it up, have some Andre Segovia -
Tombeau going, set on shuffle, and not skipping a beat.  Just clicked on
closed stalled downloads, and still doesn't skip a beat.

I can live with this.

$60 after rebate.  I can live with that.

Got 2 4GB flash drives to carry info when I need to.  Mama bought a 320 GB
portable storage hard drive for our real estate studies that will work with
her Toshiba laptop, and I got a couple of Dummies books.

It's nice to go to the big city.  It's also nice to get home.  Las Vegas
ain't what it used to be.


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