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a router question from a puter dummy

Von: iluv my kitties and family (nospamb@cox.net) [Profil]
Datum: 02.03.2010 15:43
Message-ID: <Du9jn.215897$OX4.152301@newsfe25.iad>
Newsgroup: alt.computer
Have high speed internet. Have a 3gbsdram. And I have a router that is a g.
Would I benefit as far as computer speed on the net with a router that is an
n router. Also even though the computer says 802.11 a/go/n wireless I still
would have to buy the the adapter that goes into the notebook?
I know nothing about routers and the fact we have a g router it doesn't have
an adapter needed for the computer to work. Was wondering if that is the
same case with a wireless n router? thanks

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