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( OT ) Israel's attack on the flotilla

Von: Jeff Strickland (crwlrjeff@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 22:06
Message-ID: <hu9221$4m1$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.computer

I don't see how Israel can be faulted for trying to stop the flotilla and
boarding the boats to inspect the cargo.

One must ask if Israel has the right to defend itself from attacks of rocket
and missile barrages on its cities and towns. Clearly the asnwer must be
that they have the right.

If Israel has the right, then among the means of protecting itself is to
make sure that shipments coming in from the ocean do not include rockets and
missiles. A shipment of Cheerios (breakfast cereal) is of no concern to
Israel. they look, find no rockets and missiles, the Cheerios continue the
journey. The ocean blockaid is known to everybody.

When aid groups are really bringing aid, they would not attempt to run the
blockade, which makes them look like they are not aid workers at all, but
merely another load of people that have nothing other to do than send
rockets and missiles flying into Israel.

When you are going to the bank to make a deposit, or to withdraw funds from
your own account, you don't put on a bullet-proof vest and a mask, and carry
in an automatic rifle because this makes you look like a bank robber, and
everybody is going to respond accordingly. You might be an innocent bank
customer that dresses in kevlar and carries automatic weapons because it's
fun, but when you get shot at by the cops, don't blame the cops.

I don't know that Israel is right or wrong in the way they handled the
situation, but clearly the people on the flotilla brought all of this on
theirselves. They could have stopped instead of trying to outrun the
gunships patrolling the coast. Perhaps innocent people were killed, and that
is regrettable. But the blood of those innocents lays with the operators of
the aid vessels trying to sneak past the blockaid. Too bad, so sad.

I hate to blame the vicitm, but clearly the victims played a major role in
the deaths that befell them.

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