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Unstoppable Oil Spill Benefits Humanity

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Datum: 06.06.2010 23:18
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The prophets of old and latter days have lucidly "called a spade a
spade" and this always very much to the chagrin of the antichrists,
all atheists, which rule here in the day-side of Inferno until the
day they die from this death and hell and judgment (which followed
them from their previous thousand 2 deaths and hells and judgments)
to wit, which is the ultimate physical proof that God oversees and
overrules as oversoul over lost children of disobedience fallen to
Earth from the Heavens in the third part, Lucifers all (commencing
in the third part, i.e. in the 666 parts of the thousand 666.66666
ad infinitum to be absolutely precise ergo is the Gulf oil killing
the Empire of Antichrist unto flatline-death and hell and iudgment
which is foreordained and cannot be stopped or plugged or anything
else that the antichrist atheists throw at it. All that's required
opportune to occur is at Apocalypsis 17 & 18 imminently to destroy
THE PROSTITUTE OF THE WORLD whose world headquarters is Washington,
District of Columbia--by calculation May 23, 2012 therearound, for
petite desolation desolator Solaris duo magnum hardly a flyswatter,
the goal-year approaching end baktun entire species homo ignoramus
itself destroyed, no more place for stars fallen in the third part
to incarnate, the chaff winnowed out to the four winds forevermore
trapped in outer Darkness, Dark Limbo, the near-earth perimeter in
excruciating torments, no water to cool their burning tongues Amen.

It has long-since been my sinful ambition (ambition itself is evil)
to live to see the end of the world, i.e. the universal desolation
of the fallen third part of creatures of sin all utterly destroyed
worldwide. As to recount master Po (Kung Fu pilot 22 February 1972)
admonishing Grasshopper "...never forget that a priest's life is a
simple one and must remain free of ambition" which, being the fool
that I am, I've long held fast to this less than grand ambition to
live to see the end of the world. "But it is ambition, nonetheless.
Who among us is without flaw?" Devoid of Schadenfreude or Sympathy,
I'm glad to see the Fourth Reich sinking into the Abyssal of Chaos,
I hope, I pray and I give thanks to Hera, destroy inhumans by Fire,
oil, water, pestilence, war, famine, Powerful, Destroyer of Worlds,
let their adulterine hearts fail them for fear. Die all inhumanity:

"...par les Occidentaux. Et  a  ce   regne sera    faicte
"...by  the Occidentals. And to this reign will be made

grande   desolation, & les plus grandes citez  seront
greatest desolation, & the more great   cities will be

de peuplees, & ceux  qui   entreront  dedans seront
depopulated, & those which will enter inside will be

comprins      a  la  vengeance de l'ire   de Dieu."
comprehending to the vengeance of the ire of Zeus.

There are two schools of thought on the Black Oil Death destroying
Earth's ecosystem: either Murphy's Law or Deliberate Sabotage, the
latter the better on account that it has proven conclusively it is
actually possible to fight city hall and win. Can't bring Muhammad
to the Mountain? Bring the Mountain to Muhammad. Can't destroy the
inhuman Race? Kill off Earth's ecosystem which sustains inhumanity.

The final worldly pope, Benedict XVI is 30,368 days old & counting.
Friday December 21st, 2012 anno Domini is 927 days away & counting.

In Vigilance,
Daniel Joseph Min
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