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Turkish Airforce bombs PKK in Iraq as Iranian troops reportedly enter territory

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Datum: 07.06.2010 23:15
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Turkish Airforce bombs PKK in Iraq as Iranian troops reportedly enter

By Agence France Presse (AFP)
Compiled by Daily Star staff
Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Turkish warplanes bombed Monday several Kurdish rebel positions in
neighboring northern Iraq, the NTV news channel reported, amid an
upsurge in unrest between troops and the outlawed group.

Also on Monday, a senior Iraqi official says the government has
complained to Tehran over what authorities say is an incursion by
Iranian troops into Iraq’s northern Kurdish region.

An Iraqi Kurdish official in the north, Karawan Aref, said that
Iranian troops entered Iraq’s northeast Haj Omran area through the
Perdanuz border crossing.

They are believed to have crossed over on Thursday in pursuit of
Iranian Kurdish rebels. Aref says the Iranians set up camp and started
building a new border fort there.

Deputy Foreign Minister Labeed Abawi told the Associated Press on
Monday that Baghdad sent the complaint. He says the Iranians are still
on Iraqi territory.

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This story has all the potential of unleashing WW3. The turkish
parliament voted on an north iraq attack. The turks will never take
this back, once they made a decision they'll stick to it. It will add
even more unbalancing elements to the already shaky situation in the
middle east.

And don't forget: this is the first time there will be a conflict
between 2 NATO fractions, namely Turkey and the US/Europe.

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