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Will Arizona Racists Force Mural Skin Color to be Lightened?

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Datum: 07.06.2010 08:25
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Ethnic diversity wins in Prescott, AZ
The mural in Prescott Arizona which became the center of controversy
when school officials had asked the artists to lighten the skin color
of the children.
The "lightening" process began last Sunday, but by Friday, the
national media had latched onto the story when R.E. Wall, the director
of Prescott's Downtown Mural Project, told the Daily Courier a local
Prescott newspaper about the story. He spoke of motorists hurling
racial epithets at the "Mural Mice" the students who painted the
mural, and labeled the reaction racist. School officials denied any
racial motivation behind their decision and claimed "artistic" reasons
for the change.
But the racial backlash against the project was fueled by Prescott
City Councilman Steve Blair whose public comments against racial
diversity and minorities, and the ethnic ratio of Prescott, were
broadcast on his KYCA radio talk. And all the while denying that his
comments were racist, or that he was a racist. Steve Blair has since
been fired from the station.
Today the story took a turn for the best, when dozens of people
protested the school board's decision to alter the original painting
with light-skinned children. The decision was reversed today and the
mural will be restored back to its ethnically correct state.
Diversity won this time, but there is no denying that racism and
racial tension are not a thing of the past. Electing a black president
was not proof that we had moved on from our dark past, instead it has
proven just how far we really need to go.
If this nation can ever accept all races as equal we will have
achieved something that seems at times unattainable, but then other
times, like today, in Prescott, it seems a teeny-tiny bit closer.

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