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The Pyramid That Is Larger Than The Great Pyramid.

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Datum: 06.06.2010 16:39
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Subject: The Pyramid That Is Larger Than The
Great Pyramid.  June 6, 2010.

Most people think that the Great Pyramid is
the biggest pyramid in the world but China has
one that it.


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After reporting his discovery of a dead, ancient,
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This pattern showed a lost super science and
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Did you know that the Egyptians bored into granite
rock with drills that turned 500 times faster
than modern power drills.

"400 foot pyramid on the seabed"
And how about this?
* Coin-slot machines* Steam engines* Speedometers
* Machine-cut optical lenses* Screen projectors
"pre-historic map of Antarctica"

Did you know that Egyptian dentists worked with
cement fillings, dental bridges... and inserted
artificial teeth? "luxury ocean liners"
That William Deiches found working diagrams in
Tutankhamen's tomb (1545 BC) which helped him to
build real model plane that flew?
"ancient Chinese expedition"
That Egyptian doctors performed pregnancy tests,
determined the s-x of an unborn child, fed
nourishment through tubes, and fitted artificial
legs and hands? That they used anaesthetic and
sophisticated instruments to perform bone and
brain surgery.
"ancient electrical devices"

What about old Egypt's mysterious moving walls
automatically flashing lights and lamps that
shone century after century, non-stop.
"ancient electrical devices"

And how were waves used to open doors in ancient
Karnak, Abydon and Thebes?

And here's a puzzle for you to enjoy.

What If You Opened A Coffin After 2,100 Years...
And Inside Was ALIVE!
May 1985.
Archaeologists had just cracked open a Han
Dynasty tomb in the Feng-huang Mountains. They
excavated further. .. unaware that something
peculiar was happening behind them. And then the
What sent these scientists into a tizzy? Would you
like to know?
"cave men wore modern clothes"

Did you know that about 1000 BC nerve gas was used
in wa-fare?

That 2,500 years ago "mirrors" were invented which
set up in pairs, could transmit messages, like
"secre- of flight before the twentieth century"

One hundred pyramids have been discovered in
Shensi Province of China. The largest according
to one claim 1,200 feet high, 2½ times the height
of Egypt's Great Pyramid
could, if hollow, swallow 26 Empire State

"open-heart surgery and fluoroscopy?"
"Amazing Facts on Ancient Civilizations Indus
River Valley, Ancient Maps of the World, Ancient
India Civilizations, Ancient China Civilization,
Strange Pictures, Dead Men's -ecrets, Lost

Did you know that X-rays were used in ancient
"cities illuminated"
And heart transplant operations were carried out!

"Ancient Maps of the World"

And what about the 716  rhythmically pulsating
electric disks> (similar to computer disks)
found in caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains?
"mystery satellite orbiting the poles"

Have you heard how Captain Don Henry discovered a
400 foot pyramid on the seabed off Florida?

Did you know that a Chinese expedition surveyed
all of North America in 2200 BC. They saw a
sunrise over the Grand Canyon, black opals and
gold nuggests in Nevada, and seals frolicking in
San Francisco Bay!
"two 70 foot towers in Ahmedabad, India, that
sway to and fro in rhythm with each other"
And would you believe the ancient Maya used screw
propellors, had books with gold leaves... and even
diving suits?
"enormous pyramid in China"
Have you heard about the Mayan surgical
instruments that were a thousand times sharper
than modern platinum-plus blades.
"abandoned underground city?"
And Mayan dental crowns and fillings still hold
after 1,500 years!
"doors that pivot on stone balls."
How does a bird in the Andes turn hard rock to be
soft like putty? Did the ancients know this
"how to turn hard rock to be soft like putty?"
And did you know that the Inca soaked in bathtubs
of gold and silver, fed by water pipes of silver
and gold?

Part 1.

John Winston.  johnf2@mlode.com

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