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Bush Admin's Torture Program, Italian bishop, priest child porn conviction

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Datum: 08.06.2010 06:04
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BBC - Children victims of half of all sex offences

Human Experimentation at the Heart of Bush Administration's Torture
6 June 2010 by: Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t
High-value detainees captured during the Bush administration's "war on
terror," who were subjected to brutal torture techniques, were used as
"guinea pigs" to gauge the effectiveness of various torture
techniques, a practice that has raised troubling comparisons to Nazi-
era human experimentation. according to a disturbing new report
released by Physicians for Human Rights, an international doctors'
organization...."Health professionals working for and on behalf of the
CIA monitored the interrogations of detainees, collected and analyzed
the results of [the] interrogations, and sought to derive
generalizable inferences to be applied to subsequent interrogations,"
said the 27-page report, entitled "Experiments in Torture: Human
Subject Research and Evidence of Experimentation in the 'Enhanced'
Interrogation Program." "Such acts may be seen as the conduct of
research and experimentation by health professionals on prisoners,
which could violate accepted standards of medical ethics, as well as
domestic and international law. These practices could, in some cases,
constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Italian bishop accused of sex abuse cover-up Agence France-Presse May
31, 2010
ROME - The alleged victim of an Italian priest who is on trial for sex
abuse has pressed charges against the bishop overseeing the accused's
diocese at a court in Rome, his lawyer said Monday. Bishop Gino Reali
of Porto San Rufina outside Rome is charged with complicity in the
abuse crimes of Ruggero Conti, who was arrested in June 2008 and is
being tried on charges of sexually abusing children in his parish.
Reali "should have told Italian judicial authorities" as well as the
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  the Vatican body that
deals with sex abuse allegations  about the case, lawyer Farbrizio
Gallo told AFP.

Church remained silent about child porn conviction 04 June 2010 BJS
The Catholic Church took no action against priest convicted of
downloading child pornography - Despite being convicted of possessing
child pornography in 2005, the Catholic Church in Denmark allowed a
Catholic priest to continue carrying out his duties including teaching
children and young people. In this latest scandal to rock the Danish
Catholic Church, it was announced that the priest had recently been
suspended, but the church did not mention the reason. The priest was
convicted of paying for and downloading 38 movies involving minors. He
was sentenced to pay 6,000 kroner and his computer was confiscated.
Bishop Czeslaw Kozlon, who is head of the Catholic Church in Denmark,
did not inform the chair of the parish council in question why the
priest had been relieved of his duties.

Children victims of half of all sex offences 7 June 2010 Almost half
of all sex offences are committed against children, despite them
making up just 21% of the population, the BBC has learned....A similar
survey conducted by the NSPCC in January suggested more than 21,618
sex offences - or 60 a day - had been committed against children in
2008/9. The charity found that one in seven victims were younger than
10, while 1,000 cases involved children aged five or under, with some
so young they did not understand what had happened to them.

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