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Helen Thomas Another Victim Of Zionist Media Intimidation?

Von: Burning Spear (news.astraweb.com@example.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 02:37
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Newsgroup: alt.politics.usa.misc alt.conspiracy
They tell us  freedom of speech is protected in America, but that is a lie,
especially when it comes to criticizing Jews and Israel, as columnist Helen
Thomas just found out.

In some countries people have been actually been thrown in jail for the
"crime" of denying the Holocaust. That's going to happen in America if we
don't stand up against the Zionist racists who want to take away our free
speech right. These people obviously want to control public opinion through
media control and intimidation in order to continue to build their
Jewish-controlled, apartheid paradise.

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