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The spirit of the "Anti" everything "Anti-christ" "Anti-God"

Von: u2fan (u2fan10@googlemail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.06.2010 13:03
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In 1 John it says "they went out from us" , so there was the one
church and people who became Christians yet had a "anti" spirit
"against" "disagreeing" spirit. Fundamentally there is Satan who is
"anti" God. Satan invented money as a control mechanism and taught it
to people to control each other to bring about a false unity under
slavery a false stability yet slavery.

Reality has a control mechanism but it is love not oppression and

Protestantism birthed of the "antipope" system for indeed some popes
were dodgy geezar's. But the spirit of anti was the problem, being
anti people "you must convert" motivated by anti not love. That spirit
is everywhere these days in this competitive world destroying it.

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