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Pyramid That Is Larger Than The Great Pyramid. Part 2 of 2.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 16:16
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Subject: Pyramid That Is Larger Than The Great
Pyramid.  Part 2 of 2.  June 6, 2010.

This talks about the colonization of Australia
by the Egyptians.


"vast artificial tunnel"
EgyptAncientGods src
That in the city of Pachacamac in Peru the temple
stones were fastened with gold nails that weighed
a ton!

That in 1963, Peruvian surgeon Francisco Grano
saved a patient's life, using surgical instruments
from a 3,000 year old tomb.

And how about this?: On a plain in Peru can be
found 4-dimensional art with several faces that
disappear or change into other figures, according
to your position or that of the sun.
"15 minute movie
of luminous pictures"

Then there is the mystery of that vast artificial
tunnel in a remote corner of Ecuador, which was
explored by astronaut Neil Armstrong.
And did you know that an Amazon tribe, since the
1970s, has escaped the encroaching world by
retreating to an abandoned underground city.

"Astonishing Ancient Chinese Inventions"
EgyptAncientGods src

And how about the computer that calculated the
positions of the planets, the rising and setting
of the moon, tide movements and time of day
and could establish a ship's position anywhere on
earth out of sight of land, or at night.
Precise mechanics, as good as any we can produce
today. 55 BC
(As Cambridge university scientist Derek de Solla
Price said, This is like finding a jet plane in
the tomb of Tutankhamen.

And what do you think about these?
Drills that bored holes finer than the thinnest
Taxis with speedometers- Shatter proof sheet
A machine tool for cutting screws.

A machine for boring tunnels

A human-like robot that could walk and almost ran

"15 minute &
#8221; of luminous pictures"

luxury ocean liners with swimming pools.


#8220; movie #8221;
of luminous pictures that activates each day as
the sun sets over the Onega River in Russia?

40 feet underground in Russia's Ural region, gold
prospectors are finding ANCIENT, man-made,
spiral-shaped artifacts. These microscopically
TINY artifacts are the product of some
inexplicable and highly advanced technology. They
resemble control elements used in micro-miniature
devices in our latest technology.


Protective face masks for patients undergoing
radiation therapy.

Eye cataract operations.

Ancient 2,000 ton stone building blocks in
Lebanon were raised 20 feet above the ground. No
modern crane can budge, lift or transport, such
titanic block.


Phoenician ship has been found on the West
Australian coast. And other Phoenician evidence
is found around the country. Near Sarina,
Queensland, Val Osborne has discovered remains of
a Phoenician port and mine from 900 BC.

Traditional theory says this can't be! So with
all the publicity, the Central Q-eensland
University reportedly sent an archaeologist to
the site, instructing him to find nothing
Osborne commented, It's like that
when they don't want the truth to be known, they
will deny it.

Egyptian colonization in Australia have also been
unearthed or discovered, such as coins, statues,
inscriptions and a tomb, as well as Egyptian
customs, r-ligious features and words among the
Oh yes, and pyramids.

How about this? Advanced mathematics, with
measurements in micro-fractions
down to the disintegration rates of sub-atomic
particles (1/300 millionth of a second). I ask
you, how could these have been measured without
precision instruments? And why did they find it
necessary to measure them?

Why were 44 skeletons dug up in Pakistan found to
be radioactive?
2000 BC

In a forest of NE India, explorer-hunter H.J.
Hamilton received a substantial shock when he
entered ancient ruins. On a chair, made of the
same -----as the walls, an odd shape was
crouching, with vaguely human features.  At first
he thought it to be a statue damaged by time. But
then he was filled  with horror: under the glass
which covered that statue a skeleton could
clearly be seen! Melted, crystallized!

Upstairs bedrooms having en suite bathrooms with
hot and cold running water on tap, and flush

14 Maps Of An Ancient World That Vanished So
Completely We Thought It Never Existed!
Although Antarctica's existence was not verified
until 1819, an ancient map shows that continent as
it was BEFORE the ice covered it with rivers and
fjords precisely where today mile-thick glaciers
flow, and a mountain range undiscovered until
1952.  Longitude and latitude are shown correctly,
with a grid system similar to modern air
navigation maps.
2000 BC
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Did you hear about the shock discovery on the moon
that was hushed up
after the first live broadcast?
Do you know what was seen from the orbiting
spacecraft, something so shattering that eleven
minutes of the original broadcast was cut out?
..and so on.
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You'll Get Some Answers
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What is it ...that YOU must not see?
Is there something wrong with the way our past is
taught to us?
Does real life archaeology trample e-olution
Do you want true ANSWERS ...with EVIDENCE?
this wonder from the past...Inside a tunnel, you
hear surf pounding above you
One drop of water plonks from the ceiling. Far
ahead glows a greenish fluorescence


DON'T YOU DARE Get Caught In One Of These
This is one of archaeology's best-kept secrets!
Ancient, mysterious smooth-walled subway systems.
Violate these forbidden passages and stone doors
will spring shut behind you. Other ingenious
traps will ensure that you never see daylight

REAL Indiana Jones locations!
Listen. In many parts of the world are ancient
tunnels under deserts and mountain ranges. They
go on and on...

Part 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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