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Israeli Ball cutter Helen

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Datum: 08.06.2010 09:40
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Newsgroup: alt.conspiracy
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Bravo Helen Thomas for cutting Israeli balls. World Queen Helen the Ball Cutter. Next, who
is going to cut Israeli Penis? We are desperately seeking someone brave like Helen.
Actually it was already done by Cindy Sheehan.
Helen Thomas and Cindy Sheehan for Prez and VP for 2012 elections. Such truth tellers like
Helen Thomas and Cindy Sheehan, at the cost of their careers and risking their very lives,
have helped the world thwart WW3.
Israel is one giant Black Psy. Op. and a lie to the world. It is a clearcut case where a
totally brazenly illegal act aka Peace Flotilla Massacre is shown to the world as a pious
endeavor backed by so-called Holy Crap Book and the murderers depicted as
"Chosen" and the innocents shown as terrorists. If this isn't brainwashing on a
grand scale and Black Psy. Op., I don't know what is. And the TV-fed people especially
Americans and Westerners have been reduced to idiots and zombies for buying this utter
crap. Black is white and white is black. Israel is Satan's den.

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