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The day will come when all it will take to defeat evil is a ppk and a torch. Why didn't Adam kill the snake? Why didn't Jesus push Satan off the top of the temple?

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Datum: 06.06.2010 14:34
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Where is the antichrist? Where is he hiding? Where is the reason for
all evil and all suffering in the universe?

Rev 13v3 One of the heads mortally wounded ( the Antichrist )

So one day Satan will be hunted down and killed ( maybe by 007 ) the
Antichrist running around paranoid in dark tunnels hunted down by 007
with a PPK and a torch ? Who knows !
Why didn't Adam kill the talking snake that decieved Eve?
Why didn't Jesus push Satan off the temple when Satan told him to

God knows !

But the day will come when the beast will be captured ( Rev 19 )

Idealism tells us 007 would kill 666 and somehow the world would just
become perfect all by itself, no suffering, no pain, just perfect
paradise. BUT satan has converted much of the world to follow his
ideology antichrist, they too will have to be wiped out at

For some reason the Antichrist will survive being killed ( Rev 13v3 )
and rise from the dead claiming to be Jesus or God ( 2 Thess 2 )

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