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US Government Desegregationist Troops Advancing on White Communities

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Datum: 06.06.2010 20:52
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US Government Desegregationist Troops Advancing on White Communities


Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is
described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating
otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized,
forcibly medicated, or murdered.

Most Americans know of the desegregation programs the United States
Government enacted beginning several decades ago. These publicly know
programs involved the desegregation of the military, workplace, and
schools. But what most Americans donít know is that several decades
ago a secret element of the United States government began secret
covert domestic operations to desegregate communities across America.

This secret desegregation program of American communities would
involve funding and equipping groups across America with classified
surveillance technology. These groups or government agents favor the
secret governmentís goal of desegregating all communities in America
and creating a utopian society where all races live together in peace.
These groups are basically the secret police force of the secret
government of the United States.

The secret government determined decades ago that in order to overcome
the white populationís objections to living with minorities, social
engineering would be necessary. The secret government used many
resources to change the white populationís opinion of minorities. The
secret government used movies, TV programs, and the news media over
the decades to change the way the white population thinks.

More would be needed to achieve the secret governmentís goal of
desegregating American societies across America. Government agents
(secret police) with classified surveillance technology would begin
covertly infiltrating white communities to study the methods and
techniques used by these communities to keep minorities out. White
communities members who engaged in segregationist policies would be
placed under covert electronic surveillance and methods would be
discovered to bring them down.

Secret government agents would begin the desegregation of a white
community by moving agents into houses in the community. These agents
moving into the community would be white government agents. To the
white community, the agents would appear as ordinary community member.
The agents will be friendly and interact with the community members to
gain their trust. But what the white community members donít know is
that these new community members are specially trained government
agents spying on the community for the United States secret
government. Their mission is to conduct surveillance, studying, and
create a strategy to begin the desegregation of the community.

The government agents living in the white community will be equipped
with classified surveillance technology that will allow them to
electronically see and hear through walls of a house. This classified
surveillance technology basically gives the government agents X-Ray
vision to electronically see through walls of any house in the

The classified surveillance technology is portable and can easily be
moved into a house that the government agents will operate out of.
Government agents will move the surveillance technology into their
houses completely without the knowledge of the community.

The classified surveillance technology is setup and operated inside a
house owned by government agents. From inside this house used for
surveillance, the government agents will be able to electronically see
into any surrounding house. Basically this surveillance technology
allows the government agents to video and audio eavesdrop on their

The classified surveillance technology can see detailed images of
people through walls of a house. Enough detail is generated by the
images on a screen of the device to actually identify a person in a
room with more than one person in the room. The surveillance
technology can see through wood, stone, brick, plaster, and thin
metals. The only thing this classified surveillance technology canít
see through is thick metals of a quarter inch or greater.

The classified surveillance technology can also hear through walls.
The surveillance technology is so sensitive that it can hear a person
breathing through a wall.

From inside the house used for surveillance, the government agents can
look and hear into a neighboring house and there is no protection in a
typical house to prevent this electronic eavesdropping. No detection
devices or prevention technology is available to the general public to
indicate if this technology is being used against a household or
prevent the government from looking through the walls of a household.
How does a person tell if this technology is being used against him?
He canít.

No visual evidence of the surveillance from outside the agentís house
is possible. To anyone just passing by, there will be nothing out of
the ordinary. No one in the community will suspect a thing.

The government agents do not have to enter a household under
surveillance and place bugs with this technology. The government
agents can simply point a device from inside a neighboring house and
they can see and hear right through the walls of the household under
surveillance. This classified technology works from a good distance
also. It can be used to place a household under surveillance one or
more blocks away. The surveillance devices donít have to be operated
from in a house directly next door to a targeted household.

All conversations of a targeted person in his house can be monitored
and recorded. Any actions can be seen and any conversations can be
heard. A household placed under surveillance might as well have see
thru transparent glass walls with this technology because there is no
where in a typical household that that a person can go to escape
surveillance with this classified technology.

This covert domestic operation against white communities is very
similar to the covert foreign operations used against hostile foreign
countries to the United States. American agents infiltrate a hostile
foreign government to discover intelligence that can be used to harm
the foreign government. This is known as foreign espionage.

What the secret government is doing to white communities can be
thought of as domestic espionage. Secret government agents infiltrate
white communities to bring down the people in the community who are
keeping the community segregated.

After the secret government agents infiltrate the white community they
will begin to look for the power structure of the community. The power
structure is the people who are the influential in the community that
are likely responsible for keeping it segregated.

Agents will place these people under electronic surveillance and try
to become friends with them. The government agents will attend church
and become involved in the community. They will appear to favor living
in a segregated community but will actually be there to start the
desegregation process.

A person living in this community will be shocked to discover that his
best friend may be a government agent secretly working to destroy him.
The government agent will smile and act as they are a best friend of a
targeted individual but when the time come, the agent will in-a-sense
will put a knife right into the targeted personís back to bring him
down. These secret government agents are specially trained agents to
carry out their mission.

The secret government agents will develop a strategy to desegregate
the community. The intelligence gained through electronic surveillance
and the information gained by agents interacting with community
members will all be used to develop this strategy. This strategy could
take years or a decade to carryout but the desired outcome of these
domestic covert operations against white communities across America is
the same Ė Desegregation.

One strategy used by the government agents is to move minority agents
into a house in the white community. The minority agents will not be
equipped with any surveillance technology. Their mission in the
community is to attract the attention of the community members who
want to keep the community segregated. The white government agents
will keep electronic surveillance of the community members who might
develop a plan to somehow force the minority members out of the

What the government agents are hoping for is a hostile act against the
minority community members that can be captured on a conventional
video camcorder. A video of a hostile act against minorities is worth
is weight in gold to the government agents. This video can be given to
news media and displayed on TVs across America. Past social
engineering has made it a career destroying and life altering stigma
for a white person to be labeled a racist.

From the electronic surveillance conducted, the government agents will
have advanced knowledge of any plan to somehow damage the property of
the minority family. An ordinary camcorder will be setup to capture
the hostile act. This method of catching the hostile act with a
standard video camcorder is known as the ďCandid Camera MethodĒ used
many times in the past by the government agents.

The government agents may also attempt to antagonize white community
members into committing a hostile act against the minority community
members. The minority community members will use an ďIn Your Face
MethodĒ of antagonizing white community members. The minority members
will have backyard parties with loud non-English music playing.
Minority community members will have guests over who are outspoken and
loud and will use non-English language outside the house. Another
method used is to not maintain their property. Not cutting the grass
and leaving the property is disarray will attract the attention of the
white community members who might be willing to commit a hostile act.
The secret government agents will basically play on the fears and
stereotypes white people have of minorities.

If a hostile act is committed by white community members and caught on
a standard video camcorder, a new racial incident can be brought to
the publicís attention by civil rights activists. The video being
played across America will bring protest and outrage.

The secret governmentís covert domestic operation of using classified
surveillance technology against white communities across America has
been ongoing for several decades.

The secret government of America has been multi-cultural for decades
now and is covertly working to desegregate all communities across
America. The policy of segregating minorities in project like
conditions has been eliminated. Government agents used classified
surveillance technology to go after community members, real estate
companies, and anyone who put up roadblocks to minorities moving into
suburban communities. Anyone interfering with the secret governmentís
social engineering would be brought down.

The secret government agents have been fighting Americaís second civil
war for several decades. This is a war not fought with bullets and
bombs but with technology. The American citizens the war is being
fought against have no idea of the war or the technology being used
against them. The secret government and secret police of America are
now multi-cultural and hell-bent on correcting past discrimination
against minorities.

The desegregationist troops are advancing on the remaining white

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