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Introducing Smoke into the Air

Von: Trishank Karthik (me@trishankkarthik.com) [Profil]
Datum: 01.12.2001 08:36
Message-ID: <3c088971_2@news.tm.net.my>
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Ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Trishank Karthik and I'm a 19 year old Malaysian IT student from
the Multimedia University. I've recently published a free-for-all eBook
online, entitled "Introducing Smoke into the Air" and I was wondering if
you'd like to review it. You can find it at

The book is basically a philosophical treatise which deals on various topics
such as science, God, security and privacy, computers, artificial
intelligence, software development models, a new political manifesto, a free
education system, and so on.

The entire eBook is available for download free-of-charge.

I am also available for further contact at me@trishankkarthik.com

Thank you very much and I sincerely hope you'll be kind enough to review my



Trishank Karthik
Get radical. Change your planet. Welcome to my world.

"Some sing, some preach, some paint, some cry in pain,
some smile out of joy, while some construct and some
destroy, but all of them represent the immense and unique
variety in the art of human expression. It's the fuel that
keeps the world moving all the time." - Trishank Karthik

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