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The Untold Truth, Every American & Citizen Of The World Must Read This!

This Will Answer Every Question You Never Knew About The Government,
Corruption, And The Power Of Money And Who Controls It And The U.S. Government!

(Forward This To Your Friends And Post It To Newsgroups And Blogs To Expose The Truth)

My Fellow Americans,

This is a 100% factual email all the statements and quotations are 100% accurate and
verified this is not a conspiracy email or anything of the matter and is definitely not
for profit. This is the most important email you will ever receive and change your life
and forever. Please read this email in it's entirety before clicking any of the links to
completely understand the situation the United States and the World faces. The primary
reason for this email is to expose to you the truth of this country including all the wars
from WWI to Iraq and the entire financial system from the Stock Market to the Federal
Reserve. You will only receive this information one time. Make sure you save it and share
it with your neighbors and family so they can understand the real truth of the greatest
nation in the world. This is what you never learned in school and was never supposed too.
Because as Thomas Jefferson Said:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,
first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.... The
issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it
properly belongs. -Thomas Jefferson

First of all I will explain myself; I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm an American
with just as much patriotism and pride as the soldiers in Iraq right now. All my family
has been in the military including myself and believed in this Nation and our people since
before the civil war. But I feel it is my obligation to expose the real truth of America
and the International Bankers with the motivation behind the Government and the Federal
Reserve ever since Woodrow Wilson had his election paid for by the Rothchild's and Passed
the Federal Reserve System in 1913 and they have remained in full control of the United
States and Europe for almost 100 years until now. These are the few men that own the
world, governments, Wall Street and control our daily lives for the one thing ever one
wants, "Money".

The less money you have in society the more the demand is and with a small squeeze on the
markets this is what caused The Great Depression and the recessions in Mexico and Japan
for 12 years. Also we're all human beings; our primary goal in our genetic blueprint is to
survive at whatever cost. And if money is our survival tool that is why so many people go
to jail just trying to feed their starving children and the people who have money or a lot
of credit cards are obese. So is it fair this tool be used to separate us all between rich
and poor while wipping out the middle class? While some children are going to bed on a
full stomach while others are watching their own children starve when you give them a kiss
to go to sleep at night. Rich kids are not better than poor kids, children are children in
god's eyes and they all want to be loved regardless of their environment or a good or bad
parent. Rich parents just have less stress than poor parents which creates more
opportunity for rich kids. We're all a product of our environment whether it is good or
bad. This is just another division they have created in society to separate us.

Most states have now turned over prison systems to private corporations and they are
running call centers, order taking, even small factories etc. out of them, what does this
do? It creates a circumstance where you have a lot of people in jail, the corporations
make massive amounts of money for housing them and they are perceived to be bad people to
society like "they got what they deserved" (true in some cases) while at the
sametime we make a work force like China has and how it took away American Jobs using
"Slave Labor" tactics. Don't get me wrong I am not promoting criminal activity
in any way I am merely making a point, because now that you know the truth you can
understand why violence is on the rise.

Let me ask you this a rich kid goes to Harvard then becomes a officer in the military and
a "lifer" and a poor kid enlists right out of high school as a enlistee, will he
/ she ever have the same opportunity as the officer that went to college for four years
then enlisted? He never will, period nor the benefits. Why do you think they call your
house every single day and stalk your children down in high school, so they can get them
enrolled and fighting a war before they even go to college and then you pray as their
parent they do not come home in a body bag. Recruiters are like used car sales men they
get a commission for every kid they recruit! Yes they do as long as they hop on the
airplane to basic training ask you recruiter, see if they tell you the truth. I have seen
mentally disabled kids come to boot camp who should have never got on the plane, but the
recruiter made his commission anyways. Recruiters are given a commission and keep their
mouth shut about it, and that they do because they are under contract and owned by the
government once they join the military. Why do you think the Armed Forces spend hundreds
of millions every year recruiting especially with Nascar and MTV? To get them young just
like a child predator. It should be mandatory that they not make contact with any kid
until the age of 21. A child's brain is not even fully developed until 18 to 21, that is
why there are so many teen car accidents.

Why do they do this? Because the Government can, they are paid by the Federal Reserve and
the World Banks to do so. Because if we're not willing to fight there blood money wars,
they would not make more money and create more debt for the country to pay the Federal
Reserve more, and they get big political contributions for their campaigns like the Bush's
did from Ken lay. Our government tells us everything is a conspiracy and everything is a
lie unless they say it is true. They have mentally conditioned society over the years to
believe it. This is psychological warfare they have on the American people. Using the same
techniques as the marketing companies do using "subliminal marketing tactics" on
your children during TV commercials, radio and even the Internet now, just like the big
tobacco companies got away with for decades while killing 500,000 people a year. These are
the same tactics they have used over the past 100 years to drain the heart, mind and soul
out of the American people to make them submit. If 25 Million people can watch American
Idol, why can't 25 million people protest and make a change? Do you have heart, mind and
soul or are you a sheep on the Federal Reserve Ranch? Wake up America you wanted the truth
here it is, what are you going to do about it?

Do you know why the 90% of people will retire broke and unable to afford to even live? Do
you know why the odds are 5% now that any American family will ever own there house? Do
you know why the middleclass is on the edge of being wiped out to poverty level? Do you
know why the corporations are taking over the entire country and wiping out the small
businessman / woman out everyday including farming and many other sectors? Do you know why
so many diseases are killing many people and infecting them everyday and cancer kills
500,000 people a year? Do you know why you were only given a limited education and not a
financial education in school even to this day? Do you know why the U.S. and Europe
financed every war From WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam to the Present War in Iraq and made
profits on every war that took place regardless of humanity or our soldier's lives? Do you
know why stock brokers made the biggest commissions ever last year while investors lost
Billions of dollars? Do you know who owns all the Media outlets CNN, AOL, NY Times and all
the major papers and why all the information you're told is limited? Do you know why the
U.S confiscated all the gold from the people at $20 per ounce and then banned it, then
raised the price to $35 an ounce months later? Do you know why 9/11 was planned by our own
government(1 hour 40 minute Documentary they refused to show on T.V.); they killed 3,000
people to control 300 Million and invaded Iraq for it's oil, gold and money just like
Hitler did in WWII to finance his war, and to pay his debt back to the U.S. and England
for financing WWII.

The answer is "No" for many American's, well here are your answers and
everything they never wanted you to know. If you're a real American and demand to know the
truth take the time to review "All" this information and send this email to your
friends and family and call your congressman or congresswoman and even your senators and
governor's and tell them how you feel and how you want America back in the hands of the
people instead of the International Bankers and Corporations. If you ever in your life
wanted to show patriotism like the soldiers in Iraq are now, demand an end to this money /
oil war. Bring our troops home and take control over our government, read this entire
email, then check out the links then pickup your phone and call your local officials or
form a group and protest, hell if millions of Mexican / Americans can do it why can't we
they should even join us they are Americans too we all are! If you want to show support
for the troops or you care about this country at all you will. Because if you don't the
Bilderbergs, Corporations, and the Rothchild's will control you and your children and your
grandchildren to come like they have for the past 100 years!

To understand the full History of Money and Private Central Bank Ownership by
Freemason/Zionists Mafia and how it was planned you have to go back to early Europe. It
started with "Mayer Amschel Rothschild" He had five sons and they developed
banking and he sent them too: Frankfurt, London, Naples, Paris and Vienna. These men
developed the entire banking system and control it along with 90% of the U.S. real estate
and the entire U.S. Currency today. The Federal Reserve is "not" owned by the
U.S. Government and never was. It is a private corporation which only the Chairman is
appointed by the U.S. President but the Chairman today still takes orders from Central
Bankers in Europe developed by the Rothchild's almost 200 years ago and is still in effect
today. They determine inflation, deflation and was even the cause of the Great Depression
to collapse the economy along with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John Booth
confessed he was a hired mercenary for the Rothchild's because Lincoln did not want the
Federal Reserve in control of the people of the United States and it's monetary system
just like Andrew Jackson. Jackson was known for "killing the banks".

They assassinated Kennedy, Garfield, Lincoln, and McKinley because everyone of these
Presidents wanted to remove the Federal Reserve from the power and control they have on
the United States and it's currency. This is why they had to pay off Wilson to pass the
Federal Reserve System to give them control in 1913 because it failed to pass in congress
2 years earlier. In 1993 James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House On The Fraud of
the Federal Reserve.

J.P. Morgan the founder of J.P Morgan Chase Banks which has several scandals including
Australia and Enron Fraud Case, J.D. Rockefeller and the "New World Order" were
nothing more than extended arms of the Rothchild's here in the United States to take power
and control over the money, government and the people. The 2006 Financial Awards notice
the names at the bottom of the page on the left side UK M&A house of the year; French
M&A house of the year; and Italian M&A house of the year. Amazing 3 of the 5
countries are Rothschild's where he sent his sons too over 1 century ago and they still
have power and control and finance wars today. These are the Brotherhood's that control
everything we do today still and suppress information in the media. Just like George W.
Bush was "Tapped" at "The Skull and Bones at Yale University" going
back to his great grandfather have been in this secret society.

Enough for history now, there is enough information above to show you the truth you were
never taught in school. Because of this, the United States is in a major crisis today.
These few men are still dominate in the United States and Europe today and there
bloodlines still live on.

The Stock Market Scam: When big companies Like AmeriTrade, Schwab, Scottrade all of these
companies when they get to buy at Pre-IPO prices like Google they bought millions of
shares for $95 per share and as soon as it opened for trading to the public they took it
sky high and that is why google is over $400 today, so who is making money? They bought it
for $95 and are making over 300% return today because whenever you buy they are selling it
to you just like the pump and dump with Enron, remember that? It is all a joke and a scam
to rip of the hard working American public. I asked a broker at Schwab it's amazing the
lack of financial knowledge people have to fall pray to such scams and he said "If
everyone had a financial education the system would not work, because everyone would know
the truth". I was amazed he said that to me, then 2 days later I closed all my
accounts. Also be sure to check out the entire Eron and Bush scandal that led up to 9/11
and what really happened, and how the central banks and financial institutions made

The number one rule in war is to divide and conquer and this is exactly what has happened
in America for over 100 years. It doesn't matter if you're White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese
or any other color. We're all Americans, period. These divisions of society with race,
creed, color and religion are the exact things that have divided us from each other for
the past 100 years. This is the primary reason MLK was killed because the "Money
Changers" (International Bankers) want division so they can control everyone of us.
So let me ask you who are the real terrorists here, is it the Muslims (Fake Terrorists) or
the Private Financial Institutions and the Federal Reserve who profit from war, by
financing both sides of a war like in every war to date since WWI. If the terrorists want
to attack someone they should not attack the common people go after the Central Banks in
Europe (IMF and BIS) and crooked Politicians and the Federal Reserves not the common man
who has no control. The World is suppressed to the power that be with these few men. The
majority of Americans just don't know it.

As Americans we are imprinted at birth to have pride and to stand up, defend our country,
our families and be willing to die at any cost to protect it. But all we are fighting for
is for the bankers to make more money. Why do you think we invaded Iraq and not North
Korea instead? Bottom line is we invaded Iraq to control the 2nd largest oil field in the
world and seize all their US Currency and Euro's and Gold which we did the very first few
days we went in, where is it all at now, has it been audited? The Bankers and Financial
Markets would steal Billions, and that is what they did. Just like they have done to every
American since 1913 and is why the primary reason the Central Banks own 90% of U.S. Real
Estate these are the banks that fund your home loan and also fund Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac because they sell the loans to Central Banks on the Secondary Mortgage Market after
they are funded. We are talking about your home which you live in and do not even own and
probably never will. The system was designed to fail so they could rob the American Public
from all there currency and slave an entire society which they have done successfully,
until now.

Declaration of Independence:

Quote: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same
Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is
their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

Which means: If there is something wrong those who have the ability to take action have
the responsibility to take action! Do you have the ability? What are you willing to do to
take control over your country? If you have the ability to pickup the phone call your
congressman or congresswoman and even your senators and governor's and tell them you
demand a change and to abolish the Federal Reserve System and take control back of our
Monetary System like Andrew Jackson said "We must kill the Banks". He Also said:

"The bold efforts that the present bank has made to control the government and the
distress it has wantonly caused, are but premonitions of the fate which awaits the
American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the
establishment of another like it...If the people only understood the rank injustice of our
money and banking system there would be a revolution before morning."

"You are a den of vipers and thieves and I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal
God, I will rout you out."

President Andrew Jackson

FDA: Known to large drug companies as the "Fraud and Drug Administration".

Did you know FDA employees end up working for the pharmaceutical companies after they get
paid to approve the drugs so they can make Billions bringing them to the market place? And
they suppress new cures that are released from the (HIS) Health Sciences Institute with
over 90,000 doctors worldwide. Also doctors are caught in a major medical fraud with the
FDA. The best thing to do is ask your pharmacist which medications is best for you, they
know more about the drugs then the doctors do! Doctors prescribe 50 Million unneeded
medications per year, because they get a kickback every year for how many prescriptions
they write out from the drug companies. This is why America has more people on drugs than
any other nation in the world.

400 Troops Flee To Canada Because They Do Not Believe In The War In Iraq

Dick Cheney Scam:

Iraq war and "reconstruction" contracts helped Halliburton to turn a profit in
the first quarter of this year, after the company suffered a loss of US$65 million in the
first quarter of last year after paying out $4.2 billion in asbestos lawsuit settlements.

Until 2000, Halliburton was headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney. On April 15, Cheney
released his 2004 tax return.

It showed that he received $194,852 in deferred payments from Halliburton, only slightly
less than the $203,000 he earned as vice-president. On April 21, Halliburton reported a
net profit of $365 million. Cheney's Halliburton Stock Options Rise 3,281% Did yours? Also
one of Halliburton's sister companies is in the Cayman Islands and made sales to Iran, we
are doing business with our "enemy" when it is all about money.

If you have money in the bank go and cash it out, if you have stocks sell them and cash
them out. If you want to invest the only true form of safe investing without political or
the bankers control, get Silver or Gold Bullion Coins non-graded at spot price. Gold has
been around 8,000 years and will be around longer than the worthless US Dollar that is not
backed by anything besides the word of a few powerful men, and a mislead society to
believe in it. This is how The Bankers Control Your Money and Even Wall Street:
"Fractional banking or fractional lending is the ability to create money from
nothing." The key is finding the suppressed information the government does not want
you to know about and Political Scandals.

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

The Solution:

The key is to be Active and demand a change, get educated as much as possible and to
spread awareness, teach your children what it means to be a real American and how the
system works and to be active and not passive in their lives as an American.

A child miseducated is a child lost.
John F. Kennedy

Demand lower taxes, better paying jobs and stop exporting all of our jobs overseas selling
America out to the highest bidder. Encourage a trusted friend, family member or even
yourself to run for an elected office, America needs honest people not crooks in order to
make freedom a reality instead of an illusion. We must get corruption out in all levels of
government from Local to Federal. Demand the special interest and lobbyist groups be
removed with their money and influence from Washington. The 2004 presidential campaign was
the first $1 billion-plus campaign (up from roughly $600 million in 2000). Now ask
yourself with 1 Billion dollars all the good that could be done with that money for the
people. Why do they need to spend so much for a $300,000 a year job? It is the kickbacks
and corruption from the Bankers to cause wars so they can finance them and profit and in
return they make Billions or Trillions more. It's truly an American tragedy what
everything has come too. The only hope is You! Every American, "We Must Kill the
Banks" and restore power to the people of this great nation. Bring our troops how and
have Bush put on trial for war crimes against humanity, fraud and terrorist acts on the
American People with his role in 9/11. We are the largest consuming society and vastly
becoming the least educated. This is the way they want it, that is why the education
system has not changed since the Industrial revolution. So teach your children have them
teach other children. Inform your family, neighbors and friends. Hell if you have to take
a stand as an American and get a permit in front of a Local Government Building or the
Federal Reserve and protest, or have they done their job so well to kill the hearts and
minds of every American in this country? Are you and your family just a worthless lab rat
to the Banks and Politicians? Have some heart and some American Pride and get on your feet
soldier and take charge and do it today, right now. Freedom is never free and will be gone
very fast especially if the Republicans regain control of the house in November. Bush has
been quoted saying: "I will not stop this war for nothing even if only my wife and my
dog support me" Do you understand we are seriously on the verge of WWIII here and a
draft will take place to take your children into a worthless war only to be fought for
money, it's already currently underway. Bush must be impeached and stopped immediately to
protect American values and the children of the future! The ball is in your court I am
taking action now, that is why you're reading this message. Do you have the ability to do
so as well? How much do you love your family and friends? How much do you love this
Nation? Do you want your children to have a better future than you and to be proud when
they stand up with their back straight and put their hand over their heart and sing the
Star Spangled Banner or The Pledge of Allegiance?

Take the responsibility and call your politicians you voted for and demand a change today!
Let Old Glory Fly With Pride before we become the "United Corporation Of
America" owned by the bankers who own the corporations and the stock markets and your
home right now. Call your Congressman or Congresswoman and even your Senator and Governor
and tell them how you feel now! What is the price of a phone call? Is it worth the price
to protect your freedom and not wake up on the street homeless and have your home
foreclosed on by the bankers?

With A Monetary Reform Act We Could Pay The National Deficit in 5 years and Taxes would
actually be lower for once in history. Americans would not have to work until we are 70 or
80 and be able to retire securely instead of with nothing and no benefits. President
Lincoln had the correct idea along time ago with the Green Back Currency, we would print
and be in control of our own money and would not have to pay massive interest rates to the
Federal Reserve which is controlled by the European Central Banks today. And it would not
be a Note by the "Private Federal Reserve" it would be a functioning currency
with no interest since we own our own money. Also to have every Branch of the Federal
Government audited just like they do tax payers every year. This alone would kill our
national debt and remove worthless spending and set your family and every family in
America free from the Banks. Imagine a country with no hungry children going to sleep at
night or even homeless families and every American would have healthcare and we would not
fight worthless wars and be able to retire securely. Do you ever think why half of the
world is starving and the other half is obese? This central banks control 80% of the world
economy this problem goes far beyond America but at least we can get the "Banker
Terrorists" out of here. It sounds so easy why won't they do it? It's really this
easy and could happen without no disruption to society. Also in the "Reform Act"
do not let them back the new currency with gold again because the US has No Gold reserves
anymore! All the gold confiscated in 1932 has been sold back to the European Banks that is
why there has never been an audit on it, because it is no longer here. That is right Fort
Knox is empty, it is only a myth now! So when they issue a new currency like Green Backs,
we're taking the power away from the banks. If the new currency was not backed by gold the
people would have the power, not the banks or financial institutions. And We The People
Would Make President Lincoln and Jackson very proud and we can say "We Killed The
Banks" like Jackson did for almost 75 years. And our forefathers would stop rolling
in there grave and finally smile for once.

Take a minute and think how you felt on 9/11 the Pride and the Spirit and the sorrow for
all of the innocent people killed. Think of the relatives and loved ones who are or was in
the military and even died throughout history. They put their life on the line so we can
enjoy our freedom and they do it with pride without hesitation. Now is it fair to have a
corrupt government and banking system using the people of a great nation to fight there
money wars and have our children and relatives die for them to gain more money? While the
grieving families and children of our fallen suffer and are the victims of deception by
our own Government and the Federal Reserve? How does it make you feel? Think of all the
wars we have fought over the past 100 years and all the men laying on the battle field
dead and coming home in body bags. It makes you want to put every corrupt politician and
banker in one as well. Our guardian has not protected us for 100 years now we have only
been slaves, it's time to "Unite As One, And Take A God Damn Stand". Then we can
put on the new Green Back (new dollar bill with no debt attached to it) "We Took A
Stand As One" instead of "Federal Reserve Note" which is only a debt to the
Private Banks Anyways. The Federal Reserve, which is owned by the IMF and has branches
such as Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and several others, these are the people
that control "All" of the worlds money, gold and give telephone orders to the
Federal Reserve. They're also know as the "International Bankers Cartel" now you
know "Who Runs America" and enslaves the enite world to it's command. The IMF
tries to strike back with slick talking lobbyist group. Senator Richard Lugar, Says $100
Billion Has Been Lost To The World Bank! And many other World Wide Financial Scandals.

Now that you have the truth, what are you going to do about it?
Pickup your phone and start calling, and do your duty, and give
justice to all the great men and women who have died for
this country thoughout history!

So pick up your phone and Call your Congressman or Congresswoman even your Senator and
Governor and tell them "ALL" how you feel now and demand to "Impeach
Bush", "Bring Our Troops Home Immediately" and "A New Monetary Reform
Bill Be Drafted Immediately"! We are all Americans, and if you don't use your Rights
now, you and your children may have No Rights 10 Years from now.

Voting for a Republic or a Democrat is like a chicken voting for KFC. You must "Vote
Democrats" and get the Republicans out of Congress in November! Otherwise, we will
have WWIII by Jan or Feb of 2007. Think about it, why has gas gone done in the past weeks?
Because it is another deceptive scheme to make it look like Bush is working hard so you
will vote for the Republicans again, don't fall for this scam again enough is enough.
George and Dick have to both be impeached effective immediately.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned
that way."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Impeach George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Lobbyist Groups, and Special Interest Groups and The
Federal Reserve along with Wall Street. 38 US Reps Support Impeach Bush Resolution.
Contact This Group To Support The Impeachment. Look at these Presidential Quotes. Also if
you know of any Corporate or Political Corruption, use this Tip Line and Expose The Truth.
Latest Washington Corruption. And to find the best Watch Dog Groups including
http://www.porkbusters.org search on Yahoo or Google for (Your State) or Washington
"Watch Dog Groups". To see what's really happening in Washington everyday, check
out http://thehill.com and even post a blog on how you feel. And the biggest thing you can
do is Register To Vote and Vote all of these crooks out of office. Even if you never voted
in your life register to do so now and make sure the Republicans do not retain congress
after November because if they do be ready for WWIII and kiss your children goodbye. But
remember public enemy number one is The Federal Reserve, it would be nice to protest the
Federal Reserve Systems at all there locations and the World Banks which give the orders.

You can take this message and forward it to everyone you know or even have contact with,
IM all your buddies, post it on all the Blogs you can or even do a Press Release with it.
Exposure is the only way to demand the truth and remove the corruption in politics and
banking systems of the United States of America and the World. Do it today because as
you're reading this message there is a 18 or 19 year old kid being put in a body bag to go
home to his / her family today. So do it for the soldiers standing and may god bless the
fallen and their loved ones. And may the corrupt politicians and bankers burn in hell for
all the tragedy and hardships they have put on the American people and the World over the
past 100 years.

The path we have chosen for the present is full of hazards, as all paths are. The cost of
freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never
choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.
John F. Kennedy


U.S. Navy
Retired Rear Admiral
S. Richardson

P.S. If you're a skeptic or do not believe this could be true, take what you have here and
do your own research. Then you will be a believer. Remember what you see on T.V. or read
in the paper is only a fraction of the truth. Use more credible sources such as "The
Best" Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk then BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk Washington
Globe: http://www.washingtonglobe.com World News: http://www.wn.com and not rely on
falsified television news and print media. It is a big world and the truth is out there
and this is only the beginning.

Watch The Documented Truth On 9/11(1 Hour 40 Min - Live Video Stream)

The death toll in Iraq following the US-led invasion has topped 655,000

(Forward This To Your Friends And Post It To Newsgroups And Blogs To Expose The Truth)


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