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Formula-44 (drama about 2 biologists) by Seung Kim

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The alien seed was inside of him.  Inside his heart was the land.  Two
biologists work on a theory on amphibians and cut up a living frog
while it remain alive.  It twitches as though it were in pain, but
this was its reflex at work..  The two biologists try to make a final
work before retirement.. Gyuk-Moon is finally close to the formula he
is looking for until his work is sabotaged by a neighboring chemist.
He tries to get his work back but a copyright infringement is before
him.  Gyuk-Moon and his assistant Bul-Boo set a trap for him..

Gyuk-Moon : We must take the papers back.. *he draws a square box on a
piece of paper*

Bul-Boo : And we must make sure he does not jeopardize our project..
*he complements the drawing with another square box*

Gyuk-Moon : Is this true that you have the papers to our work?

Bul-Boo : Yes, I have them with me.. but .. *he writes his name on the
adjacent box* You must give me lead or I will have you locked for

Gyuk-Moon : Then *he crosses the whole thing out* I will cancel the
project.. Only I have the timex code to the experiment..

Bul-Boo (grunts) : You are not an easy player.. Shall we negotiate?

Gyuk-Moon : First give me the copyright in full and I will give you

Bul-Boo :  Payment?  good.. But not good enough.. I.. Waannttt.  To be

Gyuk-Moon :  It is true that I can cure any form of cancer.. Before we
entered together in this project I put a chip in your head while you
were sleeping in the lounging area.  If I squeeze both hands the chip
will blow up and you will be dead.. With half your brains left, how
will you ever keep up with your fame? Hah.. Leave it to me.. And after
this is done I will give you a million dollars of payment.. You are
then free to leave and I will defuse the chip.. But you must listen,
give me the copyright and we will work a miracle.. We are close.. We
must now finish..

Bul-Boo : Okay, well said.  All we need, as you've said, is the
extract of a living man's thyroid gland.. And you've continued to say
that the metabolism which works to burn fat could be used to eliminate
foreign cells by its unnatural presence in the body just as transfat
is unnatural..

Gyuk-Moon :  And I have just the right person.. give me the full
copyright to this and we will begin..

Bul-Boo calls the head of the research department to verify his head
doctor's involvement in the project.  It is then certified as Gyuk-
Moon's work..

Bul-Boo : Neh.. neh... gu reh?  Neh!

Gyuk-Moon closes both fists to stimulate an efferent rush to his palms
that active the chip to blow.. Bul-Boo slumps onto the ground
silently..  Gyuk-Moon is timid but relieved of the whole issue.. He
returns to work on his project.. He calls up the head of the Research
department to find that no one is there.. this is just 3 minutes after
his assistant is dead..  He cringes.. He begins to spin as the
copyright he now knows is in yet in the hands of the chemist who took
it from his hands in the beginning.. He enters his parked car and
waits for the chemist..  The chemist finally completes the project and
rides a secret cab to a place unknown..  Gyuk-Moon runs pell mell in
the moonlight screaming for attention saying 'this is my work! this is
my work!'  Later on, he is in the clinic somewhat sedated having
passed out..

Gyuk-Moon : Honestly, the success is mine.. I have been betrayed by
those who work here for their own acknowledgement of their genius.. I
have done the work and the pay is mine..

Chairman :  We will reconcile you with a billion dollars..

Gyuk-Moon (alarmed) : No.. No!  It is my work.. my work.. The world
must know about me..

Chairman : And then again we can press charges and have you sent to a
cell.. then we'll give you full credit knowing that your assistant was
killed by your diabolical schemes..

Gyuk-Moon :  Diabolical?? *spit*  You don't know diabolical until you
fear me..

Gyuk-Moon is given full credit for the cure of lung cancer but he is
locked in a cell having taken the credit for the formula rather than
his freedom and his money.. Every day he is laughing hysterically,
proud of his achievement.. He laughs continuously..

The Formula-44 (by Seung Kim)

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