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wounded heart - korean drama (subtitled)

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A Hyundai car crashes into the side of a small street where it is
barracaded by a metal fence.  Kyo-Yuk is bleeding at the nose while
his wife is paralyzed with fear since she overreacted to a criticism
and manned the steering wheel for suicidal reasons, and to make a
statement before they would die..

Kyo-Yuk : You stupid woman!  My nose is broken!  Now how can I do a
doctor's work with a broken nose when I can't smell good health from
your shit!

Jan-Shi : I- I- NO! You do not have a reason to have called me a ship-
nyun!  I deserve to be respected for raising 3 stupid kids.  Now you
call me that, and I am just supposed to sit here and look forward??

Kyo-Yuk :  You're supposed to look at the rearview mirror, bitch!  Why
did you spoil my brother's marriage by throwing in Opium at our party?

Jan-Shi : Opium it was.. It was because his wife had to be treated
with Opium for a rare disease she had, you crazy man!  And without
knowing you call me a ship-nyun..

Kyo-Yuk wipes his nose with a hankerchief which is then stained with
dark-red blood..

Kyo-Yuk : My nose is broken.. We'll leave and discuss this later..

Jan-Shi looks down below the compartment to excuse herself.. she looks
sullen and tries to prove that she is sullen by her downcast

When they return home the husband looks in the mirror to fix his nose,
but it is much like a boxer's nose now.. He forgets his wife's mistake
but he is inwardly outraged.. so he moves his nose around out of spite
and enjoys this to some degree..

Jan-Shi is in her room sleeping as if to escape a fresh psychological
drama..  Kyo-Yuk enters the room and she sleeps tighter than she
already was doing.. Kyo-Yuk takes off his clothes and buries himself
in the mattress with a blanket over him.. Jan-Shi is nervous with her
husband there by her side..

Kyo-Yuk : Na pun nyun..

Jan-Shi doesn't react this time because of her compensatory feelings.
She gets up early next morning to prepare breakfast for the family and
her husband is out the door going past the breakfast table set for him
with a business suit on and with a briefcase.. Jan-Shi calls her
sister and they talk on end.. But the feeling of guilt lingers though
her sister seems vibrant..

Nemuh : Don't worry.. it's over now.. just thank God you and your
husband are alive.. that's all that counts now..

Jan-Shi : I must see you.. everytime my husband is near I am afraid..

Nemuh : I am busy with the kids.. just apologize..

Jan-Shi : Kuh-reh..

They hang up and she waits for her husband to serve him a delicious
meal.. He enters the house and drops his briefcase and removes the
tie.. He doesn't talk but he eats what has been given.. Jan-Shi
returns to her mattress finally relieved that he had eaten what has
been given out of her generousity..  Kyo-Yuk works at his table to do
accountant work and retires for the bed after a hotshower.. He sleeps
and he looks at his wife.. He looks at her with a vulture's eye..  But
it subsides into a glance, he shakes his head and falls asleep.. until
the morning comes when their children spending overtime in their
studies come from their dormatories to visit them.. and time covers
the conflict like sands over a stone tablet..

Ah-Pun Ma-Um (by Seung Kim)

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