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hi catwoman

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hi catwoman

doen me a favour melanie


hey psychic blog


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:25:15]
Harvey Danger
'Flagpole Sitta'

wanna turn th volume down ?

so loud

just got outta th shower


how my downloads comin ?

suzanne vega
marlena on the wall


joe walsh
the confessor


full version by th sound of it

just listening t th partial download


pirate jenny still
stealin music


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:29:29]
'Oops Up'

wot's in th bowl bitch ?

"grass, want some ?"


catwoman sent me like
nien txt's

wants t go to th

mardi grass


down in mexico i'm thinkin

hippy town


cant afford th fuel babe



u wantint o go wi th personailty

charghe an appearanc efee

for th witchdcotor of australia

just a thought


only way we're goin


made sure of that

drained th fuckin wallet


caugh tmy dealer
200 metres from this dooor

first thing this morning

he did a ewie

valued customer


only pickin up a
25 but


he still turn around


said he wouldnt
if he made th big road but

he did a fast ewie


thats right
th witchdoctor
said he callin friday

out for th whoel morning



hope th beast slays em
up at landcruiser mountain park


little brother in th crowd


they prayin for rain but
no cunt asked th most powerful witchdoctor




[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:34:30]
'Come As You Are'

cant make it babe



five ten

page three model

first weekend

i stayed wi her

second weekend

i stayed wi her

third weekend i

stayed away

fourth weekend

she sendin me seven txt's


i know ya love me anyway


i think this time
u throw another bitch at me

liek ya usually do or

fuck me yrself

its wearin thin


black is




i dont care if th hippies cant
get it together

i'll go jump into skatebowls instead
carin for th house;s hounds

no-one else home


makin pottery tractors now

th kombi project died

for th time being


little brother went

ah cool



[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:38:23]
Deborah Coleman
'Don't Lie to Me'

[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:38:35]
City High
'Best Friend'

i got his attention

it was brief


its a bit amorphous

looks liek a plant


brad stil
recognised em as



cool as


this hot redhead man
if ya liek th chick in th newsagent

ya have to meet er


just amazin


big hair


same as mine
as it happens

i'm sorry babe


th land surfer
stayin hoem piratin porn and

stealin music


good music though


brizzy ?

dont make me laugh


scus ei


give ya fuckin nuthin
and evry cunt thinks they yr best friend

nuthin man


unrequited sex
and drugs n rock n roll is

fuckin borin man

for chicks

who they kiddin ?


i wont fuckin sing
liek a girl

centre of th

fortitude valley mall



my unicycle
propped against th wall


get fu
[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:43:30]
'Pusher Man'



if u can swing an appearance fee

we go


they can go fuck emsleves

wot i'll be doing




did enjoy th
lifestyle festival

for ten days

back in 81


there wi th hunger project


i know
i'm an old cunt

was at th bike riots
at th biek races in 85




well she;s

bout th same age as nickie kidman and

redhead and

ex page three model

all th chicks wanna fuck er


pity she;s straight


but one night
me and catwoman

pcike dup another 4edhead

and dirty danced wi her for

horus man and

th bitch jumped on womble and

catwoman went spare

fuckin redheads

i had to fuck th bitch catwoamn

coem on


morticia went spare but still fucked me stupid and

u and i still
went dancin

th nxt night


make up yr mind bitch


throws bitches at me

th whoel time we;re together


how white jack goin
whitest black fella i seen


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:49:28]
' Jesus Loves You'

ok bitch'just caus ei got godhead

dont mean i'm a nice cunt


she gets it


u handle

without becomin a

for evry action
there;s an equal

and opposite reaction


i dunno babe


i take dya out of
takin em to th cyrstal

if they real
th eyhave to deal with

a real
psychic killer in their midst

bad shit


u really wanna go stir up hippie town ?


i'm content to let em
play aomngst themselves

th promises i made

to the king of the hippies

in amsterdam in 1973


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:52:55]
'Pop Musik'

let em folow their
popular culture

th money trail

wot makes money


who is th witchdoctor of australia  ?


i downloaded treaty


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:54:24]
Yothu Yindi

i thought i said i
woudl never sign one

got enough

black magci

th provable kind to

make it stick



still waitin to hear back from

th inspector general of th australian secret services


australian aboriginal  secret service

killed too many ppl now to

go missin


so long we
slipped underneath th radar
we clocked up

360 thousand kills

but in
australia;s name


i had a meeting
with a senior

aboriginal elder

a coupel of weekends ago

he astoudne dby
th inroads we mad einto


aboriginal bone of death pointing as

being real and

practical magic



we make inroads brother


th system squeelin


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:58:36]
'Senses Working Overtime'

they write it off as
psychic phenomena but

th question remains


i shouldnt have knocke dof
two senior feds

and said i was



th required
7 days before


its hurtin me
and not just psychically

th cops retaliated


lost my posts

th posts i wiggle around

as th unicycle man if brizvegas


my smiles on dials deal
wi th karma cops

completley shattered


i only get smiels
in th hundreds now


my kills are down


last yr
and this yr

on previous


yr harmin australia man


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 22:01:39]
DJ Shadow

six days


ya cant tell em


th council
so intent on fining me

they dont see th harm

on th
witchdoctor of australia

so blind


just th fortn lien man
did u writ eth death curse that got

dr azahari or

christopher skase



non magic cunt

barely fuckin human


and th local


dont recognise


as bein real


whiel half th cops assembled
on adelaide street

five in all

askin me if th bitch i
to tak emy place

will do as good a jobafor australia

wot oz doin for me cunt ?

dotn see th bitch
comin to give me headjob on friday

my zits not even squeezed

catwoman complaining


stuck in puberty for

th zits never


why  got i  this weird testicle condition

crystal balls


y ahve t bee
descended from a a pope

not that many of us


th head inquisitor
of th french inquisition


my magical credentials are


my aborignality
they rthow in my face


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 22:06:41]
4 Non Blondes

it;s how many cunts

have aske dme int his land

am i aboriginal ?

they dont all ask

how fuckin dense are u ?


dense cunt


i'm tippin trippy will do somethin spectacular this weekend

milo present too

should be interesting


both kind of
protoges of

th pav


th pav;s
big brother meanwhile

stayin at hoem and

knockin off ppl fr oz

as usual


i did a ten k ride on

th mad

suspension unicycle

but ht lef tknee

stilla bit sensitive
form last weeks

skatebowl crash on th unicycle

a bit human after all

but it;s healin

th skin scars have
just about gone and

three bits of gravel rash and

been doin heaps of yoga


i'm flexible babe
i'm not that flexible


well i am but

i takes two chicks in my bed

till u gunna see it



[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 22:11:56]
'Paper Cuts'

ya get that


th wizard has
left th fuckin building

he did say u were apack of cunt sbut\

i dont know if should share that



i ejaculate

therefore i am


pirate jenny

'the land surfer"


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 22:13:40]
Phil Collins
'Another Day in Paradise       '

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