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The Grand Phishing Scam No One Will Tell You About

Von: Meldon (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 23.02.2008 04:54
Message-ID: <13rv612ajg022f7@corp.supernews.com>
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It is irrefutably clear to me and others, having experienced first hand the
awesome burden placed on the shoulders of average "majority" stake-holders
in this "democracy" that the internet in particular is flooded with paid
advocates who will sell you down the river in order to pad their pockets.

For any white, anglo individual or group, great care and consideration must
be taken with any expression; no, every word, intent, inference and
implication one makes. The laws are so broad and encompassing, that anything
you say can be considered beyond the bounds of legal engagement. Even
mentioning "jewish conspiracy" will be considered as evidence against you. I
am in fact risking legal action by typing those two words!

If you think the ADL is the active agent, you're dead wrong. While I have no
doubt they are quite active, others have "taken up the cause". That is to
say, if they play the game, they will do well. Those who appear resistant
are considered enemies of the state and will be laid low by the law,
advocates, policies and legislation that few realize apart from the pocket
padders, until they are unfortunate enough to experience it.

Be very wary of dialogue of any kind with someone before you investigate
their possible motives and research at least their posting history. The
evasive and provocative discussions they offer are an early indication that
they intend to ensnare you. Its not for enjoyment or even a good cause. It
is for profit!

Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers did not fight for "equality
under the law with exceptions". Nor did they fight for a society which
legislates its own destruction. What is taking place is abhorrent to
everything they fought for and an affront to anything considered a "free

An often quoted allegory demonstrating the limits of free speech is, "You
can't yell fire in a crowded theatre." The assumption is, the theatre is NOT
on fire. The reality today is, it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded
theatre, even when its burning since truth is not defense for what is
considered "hate".

A brief search of cases will quickly indicate these truths. What is amazing
is, the statutes are written to be ALL inclusive. In the case law, you see
the repeated specter of exceptions made by race, skin colour, religion or
ethnicity and in some cases gender. Everyone is included except those who
have not experienced "historical oppression". That simply means, members of
society who are unfortunate enough to be considered white anglo are NOT
included since they have not experienced historical oppression. Those with
financial resources will fair better but for those without, you're the first
to be eliminated. (Yup, just like Nazi Germany).

Its legal trickery. It is not by accident, natural occurrence or unintended
consequence; it is by design and you are in immediate danger. I only wish I
was fear-mongering. Those who have already experienced it will know it is an
absolute and indisputable reality. 1984 is here and it is real. Achtung!

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