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Racism as a Survival Strategy

Von: Meldon (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.02.2008 02:33
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As distasteful as it may sound and assuming it is not already too late, it
may be necessary for white Anglo society to regroup as a race and to
re-examine many of the notions which have become unacceptable.

Before anyone begins to hurl insults at me for considering the benefits of
white Anglo racism, it should be recognized that the only group prohibited
from being racist are white Anglos. Every other ethnic group is allowed and
in fact encouraged to be racist. The result has been an erosion of the
quality of life, economic viability and legal protection for this group

There are less white Anglos attending post secondary education, involvement
in the arts and sciences and nearly every other profession you can think of.
As earning power drops, so does birth rate further adding to the problem.

You see, what is occurring is a systematic and intentional eradication of
this ethnic group on a vast scale which by comparison makes the jewish
holocaust seem like a drop in a bucket. The only difference is, the
eradication is not by force but make no mistake, it is taking place.

There are many aspects to racism which are unhealthy. Eradication of other
ethnic groups has placed pro-white racism as unacceptable but there is in
fact a huge difference between trying to ensure one's own ethnicity and that
of eradicating others. The two are simply not the same.

There is nothing wrong with white Anglo business owners preferring to hire
other white Anglos. Every other ethnic group is allowed to do this.
Excluding white Anglo culture from being racist is in itself racist but is
allowed, encouraged and legislated.

I think it is time for white Anglo culture to delve into the darkness of
such writings as Mein Kampf and the Talmud and to consider other such
literature in order
to reverse the ethnic cleansing which is taking place. To repeat,
eradication of other groups should not be an option but since racism clearly
exists and is practiced by every other ethnic group, it is necessary for
white Anglo culture to consider its future and its survival.

If this does not occur, members of white Anglo culture will end up in
ghettos riddled with poverty and suffering and facing its demise. If
hegemony is necessary then so be it since that is also utilized against this
one ethnicity. People with fair skin, blonde, blue eyes genetic strains need
to restrict marriage to that of their own kind. Promotion of white Anglo
culture among other white Anglos ought not be a crime but in fact is
required to avoid the suffering that this group alone will face in the

None of this would be necessary if this group were not faced with the awful
truth that ethnic cleansing of white Anglo peoples is a reality. If its not
already too late to save this group of people it is necessary to consider
racism as a survival strategy.

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