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What Did Rod Serling Know?

Von: Meldon (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 12.02.2008 18:28
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Rod Serling became a Unitarian despite the religion to which he was born.

Infamous for being an outsider in the industry, in mid-life, I seem to
recall, he lived in
seclusion in a trailer in the desert and later in New York died at a
relatively young age after a series of heart attacks.

Most famous for his series, The Twilight Zone, he wrote the screenplay for
an episode entitled "To Serve Man", which in the end, it was found to be a

Another more well known work of fiction was the original Planet of the Apes
for which he co-wrote the screenplay.

Both of these amazing works had a common theme, namely, grand dystopian

In the latter, appears not simply a tale of domination by the great apes but
conspiracies of hidden knowledge and suppressed history. It is generally
understood the film was a social commentary.

Rod Serling may have been presenting warning of malevolence in the form of
benevolence in the only way he safely could.

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