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McVay Brings Orwell to Life

Von: Meldon (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 22.02.2008 11:13
Message-ID: <13rt82hlbggr2cf@corp.supernews.com>
Newsgroup: soc.men soc.culture.jewish can.politics alt.rush-limbaugh alt.politics.bush alt.culture
This well renowned "gentleman" in a recent newsgroup dialogue made numerous
hurtful, unfounded and inflammatory accusations toward me. He was awarded
the OBC in 1995 for his "battle against... hate on the internet".

It is in my opinion that this individual is a direct threat to myself and a
danger to anyone who dares question or criticize anything he deems
unsuitable for discussion.

I wish him no harm nor do I hold any ill will toward him. However, this
feeling is clearly not mutual and rings of the ominous warnings raised in
Orwell's book, "1984".

I bid you peace Mr. McVay and hope that you will not have to suffer the same
level of destruction that I have had to endure.

".....Backed by a volunteer team of 65 sympathetic computer activists around
the world, Mr. McVay continues his battle against those who spread hate
through the Internet. He has built a database of 2,500 electronic files --
more than 2 million words -- on fascism and the Holocaust which is regularly
accessed for scholarly research...."


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