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The Mystery of the Monolith

Von: Meldon (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.02.2008 01:07
Message-ID: <13qv8on9vhbem10@corp.supernews.com>
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While I was walking on the path of life merrily minding my own business, not
bothering anyone and I first came upon the "obstruction" in my path, which
before then I was unaware and which was completely illuminated by darkness,
I reached
out with my hand and felt what seemed to be a tail. Some people tapped me on
the shoulder and whispered, "Its an elephant..".

This was such a bizarre notion that I dismissed the words outright as a
product of paranoia,
delusion, hate mongering or some political hidden agenda. As time went by
and more obstructions were presented to me, I began to make my way around
the dark object and it began to take shape. It was now becoming more evident
that the object could very well be what was first suggested to me.
Continuing around
the monolith, from the back to the side, the front and finally to the back
again, it
was no longer possible to dismiss the reality of this unthinkable,
unspeakable reality.

Looking back at the path where I had come, I noticed the unmistakable signs
of the elephant's existence such as the trodden grass and its dung castings.
I thought, how remarkable that such a creature could exist and absent
light to illuminate it, remained for the most part invisible until one had
misfortune to encounter it directly. Of course, in an attempt to alert
others of the bizarre creature, my words were also dismissed as I had done
when the information was first whispered to me.

How odd then, that having no knowledge of elephants in this location, nor
having studied elephants before, that someone else, in fact a good many
individuals, have resolved to the same conclusion and for all intent and
purpose independently.

Strange that some people, well educated and close knit, voice in unison the
same chant of, "no such thing as elephants".

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