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Boas' Work Dismissed By Modern Jews

Von: Meldon Fens (meldon@meldon.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.04.2008 20:12
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Referred to as the father of modern anthropology Boas rejected notions of
19th century racial hierarchy. Clearly his work has been usurped.

"...Franz Boas was born in Minden, Westphalia. Although his grandparents
were observant Jews, his parents, like most German Jews, embraced
Enlightenment values, including their assimilation into modern German
society. Boas was sensitive about his Jewish background, and while he
vocally opposed anti-Semitism and refused to convert to Christianity, he did
not identify himself as a Jew; indeed, according to his biographer, "He was
an 'ethnic' German, preserving and promoting German culture and values in
America."[5] In an autobiographical sketch, Boas wrote:
The background of my early thinking was a German home in which the ideals
of the revolution of 1848 were a living force. My father, liberal, but not
active in public affairs; my mother, idealistic, with a lively interest in
public matters; the founder about 1854 of the kindergarten in my home town,
devoted to science. My parents had broken through the shackles of dogma. My
father had retained an emotional affection for the ceremonial of his
parental home, without allowing it to influence his intellectual freedom.

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