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Holocaust staged to steal $$$[?] says Amadinejad!!

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Datum: 21.10.2007 00:57
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Amadinejad saw this data himself, it will convince you the holocaust
did not happen as you previously believed and Hitler was framed
bigtime. Every bit of it is solid fact proven by public record. Allied
bombers who were sent by Jews who controlled their funding made the
terrible pictures you saw, not Hitler and definitely not gassing. The
allied bombers were ordered to take out vital infrastructure by the
Jewish funders, who knew that it would murder civilians and the
prisoner populations. This was done on purpose, the aim was to use the
prisoners the allied Jews murdered and say Hitler gassed them, once
German lines were overrunned.

The URLs at the end of the post are most convincing in that they show
the factual irrefuteable social wonders that Hitler achieved for his
people of which they had no hesitation of fighting any war to protect
what he created for them - a real utopia by eliminating debt from the
economy.  No unemployment, no poverty, no ghettos remained.  One job
sustained a family prosperously beyond common expenses. The government
was fully participatory contrary to what you've been told.

You will see by the data that the world was tricked to believe the
holocaust by Soviets who were the first to contact the camps,
amazingly it was the Soviets/ Communists, that ran death camps
themselves way before Hitler, so they knew precisely how to stage

The holocaust was mainly staged so Jews  (Communists) could steal
legally under the guise of reparations - money for Israel, whilst
being the aggressor they pose as the defender.  Holocaust victimhood
allows posing as innocent while they aggressively, steal, murder,
plunder, and rule by effrontery.  Posing as the sheep when they're the

Jews have banked $$$ big on the holocaust.  All money goes to Israel.
Stratagems" or "artifices", are what intelligence agencies (OSS)  use
to deceive the public continually, to manage them. OSS was controlled
by Jew Henry Morgenthau.

Israel attacks Palestinians but says they're being attacked.  The goal
of Israel is constant instability in the middle east, using posing as
a victim in light of holocaust to perpetrate thus continual funding
from all countries in the world for the fighting Palestine is not to
be questioned,  see how that stratagem works?  Trickery - due to
Hitler and their horrible suffering they cannot be guilty of

Taking money from Germans for something that didn't happen is pure
evil, Germans today are still paying reparations for it.

Hitler ended Jewish rule by honest elections he won, and then ended
their debt-finance, and created his own system of finance which was
without debt - this took Germany away from Jewish international
banking thus they had no control, war was the only way to take Germany



Amadinejad saw these videos and it's so convincing it made him brave
the guaranteed onslaught of public humiliation by stating it was not
real.  The fact that the videos on the URL above were banned from
YouTube indicates a desire to mute the data because of its integrity.

Communism requires extreme poverty for the rulers to rule, as
demonstrated by Ayn Rand in her book "We The Living", which in the
prologue she stated New York City in 1934 was completely controlled by
Communist orchestrators  arranging Communist atomic structure for the
USA (of government workings), no wonder America was tricked to fight
Hitler. Jew Treasurer of the USA Henry Morgenthau ring a bell? What
about John Hopkins leader of Roosevelts brain trust - all Jews and it
is well known they were Roosevelts decision makers.

Jew debt finance system of currency VS Hitlers system:

Communism requires debt-finance  which is a legalized system of
thievery based [currency] system, in that debt is always the valuation
of the currency (thus it's never stable therefore society is never
stable - Hitler ended this) and always more debt exists than currency
to meet  it thus social problems guaranteed, this is all intentional
by the designers who are  Jews such as Paul Warburg who authored the
USAs "bank" of debt-finance. In the United States we have this system
it originated as "The Federal Reserve Act of 1913", they did this
exact same system to Germany  of which 6 million Germans were starving
to death and unemployed, all planned, as the Communist party was
growing rapidly and seeping into everything - Hitler was sharp enough
to detect the subversion and stopped them on all fronts.

Once Hitler eliminated this system all Germans were in lucrative
prosperity.  He achieved amazing social wonders that have been
strongly censored.  His government was a perfect participating
government which the prosperity (currency didn't fluctuate and only
increased in value) was eternal.

Hitlers amazing wonders :

www.adolfthegreat.com or www.adolfhitlerresearchsociety.org

I'm confident you'll see you've been conned by world Jewry, who seek
global Communism, by effrontery using democracies.

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