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Lessons From God, Allegories From the Field

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Datum: 21.04.2008 15:25
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Lessons From God, Allegories From the Field

The only credentials I can offer, the only authorization I can claim
for writing this is that I asked. I asked with a broken heart and a
shattered mind. I was lost. I was afraid. One of my blood pressure
readings showed a systolic pressure of 198. I was desperate. I cried
real tears when I prayed to God for an answer and offered a plea to
save this beautiful world. That is the only credential or
authorization one can claim when one is so bold as to say: This is
what God told me.

The day after I cried and prayed until I collapsed from exhaustion,
this is what God told me in response to my questions.

Ah, I guess I should relate what my questions were. I hesitate to do
so because the answer is what I really want to tell you. But the
questions will put the answers into perspective and so I'll tell you
what I dared to ask God.

I asked: WHERE ARE YOU? Why can't I find You anymore? Why can't I feel
You anymore? Were You a delusion? How can it be that evil people have
taken over this planet? How could You allow the things that are
happening to occur? Why don't you intervene? Why don't You stop this?
Can it be that I love this world more than You? That's absurd! Where
would that love come from? Can it be that there is evil that derives
from tapping into a source of evil, but there is no good? That too is

And then I said: Despite all the horrors my eyes have seen and all of
the things that I have heard, I will not abandon You. I will not cease
to place my hope in You. I will not deny the teaching that: "Anything
that can be broken can be fixed." I love You. I love this world and
will not give up hope for it.

The next day the answers came. They came in the form of a flood of
gematriot, which I will not explain. I'll only relate the message.

God reminded me that the expressions which mean the 'coming of the
Messiah' in Hebrew are in the form of present continuous.

God then explained to me that what is occurring now is not only the
ongoing coming of the Messiah, a continuous process, which heretofore
came to individuals who were able to pass the knowledge on to their
families, and then to a People, but now has come to all of Humanity,
and directly, not by way of any messenger, but directly.

Both the intensity of God approaching our consciousness and the scale
of the approach are unprecedented.

God then explained that this necessarily causes confusion on the level
of the mind and that this confusion is generalized.

Not only is the Soul of every Human being being touched in a way never
before experienced, but all of the memories and histories that our
bodies represent, are the product and distillation of, are now being
purified as well.

The hopes, prayers and inner intentions of Every Generation are now
being revealed and fulfilled.

The promises that God made to our ancestors are now being realized.

Every deed, every occurrence in human history, every word, every
thought that is and ever was on this planet are now being rectified,
purified. The inner purity of all that, which was hidden, is now being
revealed and the outer truth is being brought into line with the inner
truth  not only for us, but for all of our history and the
rectification will be permanent, though ongoing.

None of the generations on Earth have seen what we are seeing and will
yet see. All of the generations on Earth are having their deepest
hopes and prayers fulfilled in us. Understand our merit and rejoice.

We will attain Godconsciousness on the conscious level of our minds,
but that is not the end of the process. It marks a new stage, which
will go on progressively, only to take us to the stage after that.

I was told by God that our consciousness is like a pipe. God's
approach is from the "end" that is "close" to God, the Soul, and
proceeds to the "end" that is furthest away from conscious recognition
and experience of God  our state of awareness on the surface.

As this process proceeds, the impurities along the way are pushed to
the surface and mass confusion, fear, darkness, the worst imaginings
of the mind, the most terrible chapters from the past return and the
most terrible acts are committed because this is the impurities that
reside within us and they are being "pushed out". We see this every
day. We are surrounded by symbols and teachings from ancient cultures,
confused symbols and teachings. That is all being rectified and
clarified. It is no coincidence or accident that a war is raging in
what was Bavel (Babylon). The very name Bavel in Hebrew means
'confusion' and 'misunderstanding of speech'. But, it also means
'awakening and quickening of the heart'.

It was shown to me with gematriot that thoughts and worlds are one and
the same and to purify consciousness to the point of our being able to
perceive God with our conscious minds, individually and collectively,
which is an ongoing process but now is proceeding with great speed,
intensity and range, is one and the same as the correction of worlds
and greater by far than the splitting of the sea, which God did for my
People when they exited from Egypt, which is called Mitzrayim in
Hebrew, meaning doubled and redoubled straits. The straits that we are
now emerging from, all of us, are greater by far than the emerging
from Mitzrayim and the miracle that God is now accomplishing for us is
immeasurably greater.

God explained that it will look as though evil has overrun the world.
Fear and uncertainty will be ever present. There will be nary a clear
thought or a coherent sentence to be heard. Even thoughts and
sentiments genuinely intended and expressed will be terribly confused.

But it will end.

And when it does end we will, all of us, be living in a world in which
the revealed and the concealed will be in line, will be one. We will
know God with our minds and we know God with our Souls and we will be
keen and able to act on that awareness.

God told me not to try to understand what is happening using any
paradigm or example. God said that what is happening is unprecedented
on this planet and no experiences had up 'til this point will suffice
in the least to describe or explain what is already well under way. We
are in the thick of this emergence. Now.

It is not the case that we are, as many think, on the verge of the
coming of Mashiach. We are experiencing it NOW. We always do, in fact,
but never before on this level.

I will repeat what I wrote above and say it most explicitly so that
there will be no doubt. This time there will be no messenger, no
interceding. We are receiving Mashiach directly, each of us as
individuals and all of us collectively.

When this process is completed, we will all be greater as individuals
than any Prophet that has come to this world. God indwelling will be
on a higher level in us than anyone has ever experienced heretofore.
That is what they wanted for us, what they prayed for, what they lived
and died for and that is what is coming now to be. We are God's
fulfillment of the promises It made to the saints and sages.
Collectively, what we will be and accomplish together cannot be
described or imagined at all.

I was told by God that the disorientation of the mind and the emotions
that we are all experiencing are a healthy sign of what we would
understand as "detoxification" and should not be feared. I was also
told by God not to put any stock in any thought or system of
explanation now being offered at all. All is now far too confused and
insufficient on the level of the mind. There simply is no
understanding for us now. We will understand when the process is

I shared this with my husband, knowing that I was relating it in far
too abstract a manner.

But he understood immediately and said: "When I used to work in the
field we used aluminum pipes for irrigation. We had to leave them on
the ground and they would gradually fill with dirt and gravel, leaves
and other debris. To clean them, we would introduce water from a hose.
As the water under pressure displaced the dirt inside the pipes, we
would hear the gravel being stirred up in the pipes. Before the dirt
inside began to emerge it would become more dense within the pipe as
the dirt behind it at every level was pushed along. More water
pressure was necessary along the way as the debris in the pipe
accumulated. Finally, the dirt would begin to emerge. Lastly, pure
water would come through the pipe, water that could be used for
irrigation and to give life."

The impurities of our history and our own selves are now emerging.
Expect it not to look very pretty for awhile. Expect to fear. Expect
for feel unsettled. Expect to experience a sense of foreboding. But
know that the process is ongoing, under perfect control, and for our
ultimate good, a good we cannot begin to imagine, but will experience
very, very soon.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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