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Anarchy for Constitutionalists

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Datum: 05.07.2008 20:02
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Anarchy for Constitutionalists

The Constitutionalists know that something is very wrong with Western

But they labor under the delusion that it is possible to "go back to
the Constitution" and leave peacefully under those principles while
Capitalism remains in force.

They're good people, honest, decent and very brave in the face of the
NWO. But they are deluded.

The powers that be are working furiously to silence Anarchists and
depict Anarchism as violence and chaos.

Those lies, told in fear and desperation, have to be countered with
the truth.

Even Ron Paul has spoken positively about Lysander Spooner and
Benjamin Tucker, although as "Anarcho-Capitalists" they do not
recognize that Capitalism breeds a State necessarily in order to
protect their capital.

I heartily recommend  those who are not familiar with Anarchism to
study the works of Peter Kropotkin, Mikhael Bakunin, Emma Goldman,
Alexander Berkman and Errico Malatesta for starters.

It is important that the Constitutionalists know that Anarcho-
Communists are *anti-Marx* and all schools of Marxism because we are
anti-Statism. We are against both Government and Capitalism.

So long as there is no economic equality there cannot be political
equality or any kind of equality.

*And the Masons who crafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
knew that too*. This is what the Constitutionalists need to

Human rights are guarded only when there is real equality, not a
leveling, but equality of opportunity for every human being to be the
very most and best they can. Nothing written on parchment can protect
equality if resources are not equally available to all in accordance
with individual need.

Mikhael Bakunin hated Rousseau and the Jacobins. Though he did not
call them Masons, which they were, he hated their duplicitous

He knew that without economic equality, high falutin' claims of
political equality are meaningless.

The Constitutionalists, good people like Alex Jones, are placing their
hopes in a bogus document. It is a Masonic document. That means it was
craftily crafted.

There is no going back to the Constitution. It was never more than a
device for the English Masons to join with the French Masons in order
to bring the Monarchies under their economic control. The creation of
the United States of America was a Rothschild plan. The
Constitutionalists need to know that too.

The NWO propagate lies about us because they know that we, and only
we, have the full answer to domination, oppression and greed-driven
misery. Anarcho-Communism - a world without States, without
Governments, without the amassing of Capital is the answer.

Yes, we are globalists. We are in favor of the eradication of States.
But we do not, like the Rockefeller family tout world government in
the stead of sovereign states. We call for direct democracy, as
opposed to republican democracy, which has proven itself and utter

Of course, there are nuances of Anarchism that fit comfortably into
Anarcho-Communism like: Green Anarchism, Anarcha-Feminism, even
Anarcho-Communist Primitivism can exist peaceably with high tech
Anarcho-Communism. But is essential that we do away with both State
*and Capital*.

"Anarch-Capitalism" (an oxymoron so imbecilic it rivals the close
runner up 'military intelligence'), Agorism and the like, attempts to
do away with the state while retaining capitalism, which necessarily
leads to corporatism, which leads to fascism, are NWO devices to steer
Anarchism, which from its inception was always Anarcho-Communism, off

We Anarcho-Communists are not all atheists. There are many forms of
Anarchy that exist comfortably with religion. There are Christian
Anarchists and Muslim Anarchists and Jewish Anarchists and Buddhist
Anarchists and Hindu Anarchists to name a few. We simply practice a
non-coercive, non-authoritarian, non-discriminatory version of our

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