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Russia vs. the US? Don't You Believe It.

Von: Visual Purple (doreendotan@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 25.08.2008 13:22
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Russia vs. the US? Don't You Believe It.

I heartily suggest the readers to watch this incredible video:

Rare year 1982 video with G. Edward Griffin & Norman Dodds

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?vÈcC21jB9EE

Dodds reveals that the US and USSR were working hand in hand all along
during the Cold War.

Dodds' research assistant committed suicide when she learned the
truth. Poor young, loyal American thing was so brainwashed, she
believed every word of the propaganda she was being fed.

In imagining that the US and Russia are on opposite sides, those
falling for this most recent episode in the decades-long America-
Russia PsyOp are making the same mistake that our American Grandparent
and Parents made during the Cold War.
The only two sides here is World Gov't against We the "Useless

Want proof that the US and Russia are bedfellows?

Over the last 20 years one million Russians were brought to Israel. At
least half of them, and some say as many as 2/3, aren't Jewish and
feel no loyalty whatsoever to either Israel or the Jews. They retain
Russian citizenship. They travel back and forth between Israel and
Russia and Ukraine and wherever else from the former USSR they came
from freely. And a good number of them have left Israel after using
their 5-year New Immigrant Benefits Package to settle in the US.

The first wave of Russian immigration, twenty years ago, brought half
a million Russians here in a flood - into a country whose population
all told at the time was 5.5 million.

I remember feeling very bewildered, and often exasperated, dealing
with Israeli bureaucracy as a new immigrant. When they first arrived
here, they sliced through the Israeli quasi-Bolshevik political system
liked greased lightening. It's a no-brainer understanding why that is.
They made their way through the morass and labyrinths of diverticula
in ballet shoes.

Within five years they, except for the many old people (who were
brought here to exert a drag on the economy by receiving retirement
benefits in addition to welfare and the New Immigrants Benefits
package), all the Russian immigrants were all employed - doctors,
including psychiatrists and neurologists; scientists of all kinds and
engineers filled every nook and cranny of the health system of Israel,
the military-industrial complex, as well as the civil service and, of
course, the army.

How they were all housed virtually immediately and employed in their
fields of expertise within 5 years remains a mystery.

Upon their arrival, the entire atmosphere of Israel changed. We just
don't speak as freely in public places as we once did.

On my floor of the building there are four apartments. We are the only
Israeli family. I think twice about speaking about political matters
with the door open. I never used to before they came.

The once open, warm, friendly atmosphere of Israel is not what it was.
Before talking politics in public Israelis now glance around to see if
there are any Russians. In fact, many Israelis glance around when they
discuss just about anything to see if there are any Russians.

Young Israeli men do not want to marry their women, many of whom wear
more make up than clothes, and Israeli women less so their men because
they drink so.

So, they take up with Arabs, hostile Arabs in the main, in large
numbers. Israelis may with their tax Shekels for the support, and anti-
Israeli education, of thousands and thousands of single Russian
mothers and their half-Arab children.

They're all installed, all awaiting instructions. It dwarfs Project
Paperclip. Imagine a country of 5.5 million people absorbing one
million Russians, most of whom do not so much as make the pretense of
caring about this country.

They speak in Russian among themselves. They arrange concerts for
themselves, the notices are only in Russian. Every municipality has a
Russian representative who sees to it that they get preferential
treatment. They treat us with disdain in the public and private

They voted Arik Sharon in bloc. Arik Sharon would never have become PM
without their massive support. He bought them with a few Russian
phrases he picked up at home as a kid and a promise to handle politics
as only a megalomaniacal general knows how to. They lapped it up and
swept him into office.

I once had a Russian boy of about ten approach me in Russian. I
answered him in Hebrew that Hebrew is the language of this land. He
switched into perfect, accentless Hebrew and said: "I was told that
all the white people here are Russians."

I once had a young, attractive Russian female physician start to
question me about a senior physician I had worked with on a research
project. I had an interesting time not giving her information but
letting the questioning flow to see where she was going with it. She
wanted to know if he was married, for instance. He is, in a classical,
monogamous relationship. So is she. So what? Getting ahead on your
back is just the way it is in Russia.

Would the US have allowed this flooding of Israel with morally
degraded, alcoholic, highly-trained Russian professionals from the
former USSR were they not in cahoots with them? Would they have
allowed this virtual invasion of their most trusted and subservient
suzerainty if it was not part of their plan?

Those who create conflicts think multilaterally. So must we if we are
to understand their plans for world-wide Corporate Fascism and thwart


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