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The original:


The remake:


Note the introduction is the same as the final form of the
introduction that Rod Serling wrote.  He wrote a few versions of the
introduction. Evidently, he hit upon optimum NLP. So they stuck with
it. The images are the same too - classical hypnosis - the swirling
lines, the pocket watch.

This is mind control intended to make you think that the true nature
of humankind is dark. It is intended to amplify the darkness that is
in us and diminish the atruistic side of us.

We were taught as children to fear monsters dreadfully with such shows
as TZ,  Outer Limits, Chiller Theater and Creature Features.
Concomitantly, it was drilled into us that WE are the monsters. We
were taught to fear and loathe ourselves and one another.

The original TZ was one of the most powerful tools on TV for mind
control and social engineering. The more I watch them again, the more
I understand.

Rod Serling was a sell-out to the establishment and worked for them.
He was acting at the behest of the government who were refining the
techniques of the Nazi mind control, social engineering scientists who
were brought into the US as part of  Project Paperclip after WWII. He
says so much in his interview with Dan Rather. I suggest you watch it
in two parts.
Compare the characters to those in the original.

See how much more edgy people are?

In the original they were friendly with one another before the power
goes off.

The people in the remake are barely civil to begin with and they
obviously don't like one another. They act like the characters in
Sartr's "No Exit". The gov't succeeded in making people uglier using
the original TZ and the messages of misanthropy (and their
identification of it with anthropomorphism) that Serling was charged
with spreading.

Please note too: The original is in three parts of 8-9 minutes.  The
remake is in two parts of less than 11 mins. So, there's less program
(and I do mean program) in the 1/2 hour segment and more commercial

They had refined the techniques of programming by this time. So, there
is more time for commercials, which is programming as well, the
programming that makes the public buy.
Notice too: The little boy says it's like a story of an alien
invasion, as in the original. He says the word alien very quickly and
swallows it a bit.

In the remake the threat is terrorists. But the connection with aliens
is made. The alien (from another world, so they're dehumanized), alien
(non-citizen), terrorist connection is made in the mind.

The most violent man in the mob, the man with the gun, is a beefy,
Jewish looking man as in the original. In the original he speaks with
a sing-song, as many Jews as that time did.

The original TZ contained a number subtle anti-Semitic hints. For
instance, in "Escape Clause" the devil character when he first appears
uses the word "yet" as only Jews at that time did.
It is so important that we think of ourselves as barbarians, as
monsters, who, were it not for their laws we would tear each other to
shreds, to the establishment that they made a remake of the original.

The soldiers are made out to be good guys who don't want people like
this. Their commanders, however, you may be sure, do want us to react
this way. That is why the sim was done in the first place.

Notice which episodes are remade. Those are the messages they want to
make sure are especially drilled into us.

If we are to beat the mind control we need to know their techniques.


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