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Hamas, the Haram, Prevents Some Palestinians From Making the Hajj

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Datum: 02.12.2008 20:18
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Hamas, the haram, prevents some Palestinians from making the Hajj

By Andrew L. Jaffee, netwmd.com

Hamas is supposedly a devout, orthodox Muslim group. If that were
true, Hamas would fully comply with Sharia (Islamic law). The group
would be halal, “an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted.” In fact,
Hamas is acting quite haram, which “means unlawful or prohibited.”
Haram is the opposite of halal. In the last few days, we find that
Hamas is prohibiting certain Muslim Palestinians from leaving Gaza to
attend the “Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca [which] is one of the five
pillars of Islam. … An adult Muslim of a sane mind, an able body and
having means to bear the expenses must perform this act of worship
once in his/her lifetime. There should be peace on the way to Mecca
and there should be no hindrance or restriction in traveling to

Apparently, this blatant religious discrimination against some
Palestinian Muslims is being enforced because of Hamas’ long grudge
against, and violent history with Fatah, the other half of the deeply-
divided Palestinian community. It wasn’t very long ago when Hamas and
Fatah fought an extremely violent civil war. From the Jerusalem Post,
entitled “Hamas prevents Muslim pilgrims from leaving Gaza:”

Hamas police set up checkpoints across Gaza on Saturday to prevent
pilgrims from leaving for a holy Muslim ritual in Saudi Arabia,
beating some who tried to dodge barriers, witnesses said.

Hamas, which rules Gaza, was upset that the pilgrims had
coordinated their journey with Hamas’ rival, the Palestinian
Authority. The authority, based in the West Bank, is run by Hamas’
bitter rival, the Fatah movement. The crackdown on the pilgrims
highlights the depth of the bitterness between the two groups.

Egypt criticized Hamas’s actions as unbecoming of an Islamic

The pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is meant
to be undertaken by Muslims at least once in a lifetime, and is
considered a great event for believers.

Hamas seized control of Gaza from Fatah-allied forces last year,
and animosity between the rivals has growing in recent months. …

Witnesses said police sent back cars that appeared to carry

“They called us traitor pilgrims,” said a man who identified
himself as a pilgrim to a Gaza television station.

Some pilgrims managed to dodge checkpoints by taking back roads to
the Rafah crossing with Egypt. There, Hamas police beat up those who
refused to leave, said pilgrims speaking on a call-in show on the pro-
Fatah Palestine Television.

“They were beating us with sticks and their rifle butts,” said one
man who identified himself as a pilgrim. “There was tear gas. It
looked like an action movie,” he said.

A woman called in, saying her mother, a pilgrim, was beaten on her
hand and needed treatment. …

If only more people would recognize the extremely dysfunctional nature
of Palestinian society, they might empathize with Israel, and
understand how difficult it is for the Jewish state to engage in any
type of productive peace negotiations with two terrorist groups, both
of which claim to be the sole representative of the Palestinian people.

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