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April 7, 2009 Mayoral Race Includes Serial Rapist/Heroin Pusher

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Datum: 12.03.2009 19:23
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On April 07, 2009, the city of Omaha, Nebraska, 40th largest city in the
United States, will decide if a serial rapist and heroin pusher to 7 year
olds is the right man to represent the GOP for the office of mayor in the
city of Omaha.

"Heroin" Hal Daub, a former mayor of Omaha and former US Congressman,again
tries to con the people of Omaha into believing he can be placed in a
position of trust.

Daub violently raped at least three married mothers of 2nd grade Catholic
school children in Omaha, Nebraska , in 1972 and got away with it thanks to
his relationship with fellow rapists in the Omaha Police Division.

Daub has prevented any investigation into his crimes by the OPD to this very
day and no police officer has ever been brought to justice for the attempted
murder of a five year old boy in Omaha (heroin overdose) or any of the rapes
they committed of children two years priior to Daub's crime spree in Omaha.

This, despite one of Daub's victims being the mother of a current Omaha
Police Division officer and another victim being the wife then and mother
now to an Omaha Fire Division Captain.

Republicans decide April 7th if the serial rapist has what it takes to
represent them in May 12th general election in Omaha.

Right your Congressman, call your local police authorities and demand that
Hal Daub be investigated for his crime spree in Omaha. The career politician
who earlier ran for the US Senate seat vacated by Chuck Hagel, can never be

The mothers of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Omaha, Nebraska trusted him
once, and they and their children paid the price.

See alt.firefighters.binaries for more information on the most repulsive man
to ever make it to politics and the even more repulsive cover up of his
crimes by those very men charged with the resposibility to stop him.

Look for posts entitled "Boycott Nebraska" AND "The Full Monte..." in

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