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Did Conan take the high road on 60 Minutes / S D Rodrian

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Datum: 04.05.2010 04:57
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Did Conan take the high road?!?

Here are the facts & you be the judge:

By every account Jay Leno never once
contemplated the slightest notion of
"retiring" from The Tonight Show. Not
leastwise as he was the Late-Night King!

But Conan O'Brien gave NBC an ultimatum:
Either they gave him The Tonight Show
or he was bolting NBC. For some spectacularly
moronic reason NBC forced Jay Leno out
of HIS Tonight Show and the No.1 ratings
spot just to keep Conan from bolting NBC!!!

As it turns out, things turned out as they
should, and Conan's Tonight show dropped
to dead last in the ratings.

NBC, in all its wisdom, finally came to
grasp it had made a dreadful mistake and
offered Conan his "old spot" back behind
a recalled Jay Leno (in spite of the fact
that Craig Furgeson was beating Conan's
azz). And, well, in all his stupidity, Conan
declined, choosing instead to go up against
the 11 O'Clock news on cable now!

Amazing! In 6 months it'll be hard for most
people to remember who the hell Conan
O'Brien ever was... and good riddance!
Maybe now Conan will finally become what
he was always meant to be: A children's
party clown.

So, did Conan take the high road on
60 Minutes? Tell me where I'm wrong,
first, and, then, tell me Conan O'Brien
is not a self-serving simpleton self-
destined for the ash-heap of television

S D Rodrian

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