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Silver, Gold, Mind Control & Social EngineeringVisual Purple08.06.10
dave and one of the black females he has come o...Zakk06.06.10
dave and one of the black females he has come o...Zakk06.06.10
319918 NCis the motorcycle plate of the old mal...Zakk03.06.10
now at mcdonalds the child molester mind contro...Zakk03.06.10
Cool Wars Does Life Imitate Artreallyveryradical02.06.10
went to clancy's - you can see it getting worse...Zakk02.06.10
Cool Wars Does Life Imitate Artreallyveryradical01.06.10
mk ultra injecting that the sister of the rooma...Zakk27.05.10
went and show footage of the things who just di...Zakk27.05.10
went and show footage of the things who just di...Zakk27.05.10
and now the male came out and spit at me, and t...Zakk24.05.10
now the neighbors at 1049 A are singing jesus m...Zakk24.05.10
went to the store to get some food - you can se...Zakk10.05.10
Secret Police Fighting America?s Second Civil WarJane08.05.10
more masonic mk ultra from things on cell phone...Zakk08.05.10
the mk ultra wants me to log that dawn of the p...Zakk08.05.10
went to the power house gym and clancy's --- cu...Zakk08.05.10
The Modern Political Counterparts of the Physic...Visual Purple06.05.10
walked to the store to get a video game.... clo...Schonhans05.05.10
Sex and Pedophilia Amongst Washington D.C.?s Pr...Reggie05.05.10
mk ultra injecting that I was played by a top s...Schonhans05.05.10
mk ultra injecting 'thats kill the government' ...Schonhans05.05.10
'we have you down as the sucker' is what they a...Schonhans05.05.10
wow - mk ultra injecting that they are fucked c...Zakk05.05.10
went to clancy's - omg stupid live in front of ...Zakk05.05.10
wow dream control then bleeds over into real wo...Zakk04.05.10
outside now the pleadin hambone is saying its a...Zakk03.05.10
went outside to use the internet and wow - the ...Zakk03.05.10
mk ultra going crazy in my room and wants me to...Zakk03.05.10
mk ultra now making a deal about them injecting...Zakk03.05.10
went to 711 .... omg. People lighting cigs, the...Zakk03.05.10
'were on' from the mk ultra now which is saying...Zakk03.05.10
the sister of dave is here responding to the mk...Zakk03.05.10
mk ultra injecting 'you are going to be arreste...Zakk03.05.10
Now in the shower, the mk ultra is injecting cr...Zakk03.05.10
mk ultra injecting my ID, 4 patches and saying ...Zakk02.05.10
10:43 as they exit the stage you can see the ma...Zakk02.05.10
mk ultra thru the tv is funny, live obama is ma...Zakk02.05.10
mk ultra wants me to log that they all die cuz ...Zakk02.05.10
mk ultra responding to dave on the phone and ma...Zakk02.05.10
t, mk ultra wants me to log that abbi kelly int...Zakk02.05.10
mk ultra in the shower confirming everyone will...Zakk02.05.10
woke up to corey feldman mk ultra ... HE LIED A...Zakk02.05.10
Marilyn Monroe: This timeless legend is still o...boyari230.04.10
fighting it. dave on the phone saying he never...Schonhans20.04.10
remember to laugh at them when they die 1 mk ...Schonhans13.04.10
Brooke Fraser is in the new Jeremy Shum story a...mileyschoolwork@h...11.04.10
the lallak mk ultra is injecting that it won - ...Schonhans11.04.10
now at the mcdonalds some kid is singing the 5 ...Schonhans10.04.10