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Dear Minister

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Datum: 16.04.2010 05:26
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Minister for Mental Health
Ms. Lisa May Neville
Level 22, 50 Lonsdale St.
16 April 2010

Re:- Our peoples health and well-being

Firstly As by way of relevant background, I offer the following:- 1996
Jeff Kennett (liberal) Government implemented ways to tackle the
problem of drug abuse in our community. The Premiers Drug Advisory
Council was formed, Chaired by Professor David Pennington.

On the 31st May 1996  Professor David Pennington presented his report
to Parliament which recommended (7.2) " Cultivation of up to five
cannabis plants per household for personal use should no longer be an
offence"  Soon after Labour Party was elected to Govern, Victorian
Police statistics showed on that around 10,000 Victorian citizen are
charged with cannabis related charges each year. Legal Aid spent $14
million on legal representation defending cannabis consumers that
pleaded guilty. no doubt a financial benefit to the legal profession,
which are the only winners of cannabis prohibition.

1996 -2006 150, 000 Victorians were convicted for cannabis related
offences. It is of interest to note 'Turning the Tide" strategy page
18 States "A recent analysis by Access Economics estimates that
spending on illegal drugs in Australia amounts to $7 Billion per year,
Seventy per cent spent on illegal drugs is cannabis" The Commonwealth
of Australian Statistics reveals 55,494 Cannabis offenders occurred
between 2001-2002.  Background Ends here

As you would be well aware that there has never been a lethal over
dose of cannabis recorded in humans beings world wide. We feel if the
(1996) recommendation of Professor David Pennington had of been
enacted this would have reduced the health risk of our people also
reduced the cost, so that cannabis could be used as intended as
beverage or as food additive in cooking,  and to maintain a more
peaceful and harmonies lifestyle for all concerned, Yes, smoking is a
health hazard. Alcohol is ticket to family violence and is a death

In our letter 12th February, 2008:- "Due to the growing unrest and
doubt surrounding  Parliaments, the Victorian Governments ability to
protect our people, as to ease our concerns regarding hydroponics
grown cannabis"  we requested the most urgent need to amend the drugs
Poisons and Controlled Substance Act 1981, It now appears you have
failed to consider this as the Minister for public Health, indicating
support  for Lawyers increasing wealth.. Yes Ms Neville enough is

My duty is to prevent the Aboriginal people of Victoria from coming in
contact with the Criminal Justice system of Victoria,  as 80% of our
population feel that cannabis use is far less harmful to our people
then legal drug Alcohol. and it must be corrected with the future
health and well being of our people in mind. I also take this
opportunity as to clarify the situation:-

I ask if you can forward the Act that gives The Victorian Parliament
the power to make laws for peace order and good Government for the
Aboriginal people of Victoria. ....   I thank you

Yours faithfully,      Les McDonald, Chief Lore Officer

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