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Von: sijay44 (sijay44@googlemail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.04.2010 20:03
Message-ID: <02396244-d504-4aae-b35c-8193bc8363e8@b6g2000yqi.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.drugs
hi guys im here to help the people who are finding it hard to obtain
axiety meds of their doctors. i know from experiance of being a 19
year addict that doctors treated me like ship and as soon as you use
the word " drug problem " or "anxiety " they just dont want to know.
so i thought i would provide a small service for people who need this
service. im not selling them so people can get smashed. im doing it to
help people like myself who ned to self medicate.

The valium are in blister packs and are roche 10 mg printed of them.
they are good quality as lomg as you dont abuse them and get a massive

its 45.00 per 100 in blisters.

if you need help contact me at PRODIGY44@HUSHMAILdotCOM

you wont be dissapointed and i havent many left


dr jimmy

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