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To all MLC Paliament Victoria 4th May 2010

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Datum: 05.05.2010 14:45
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Subject: Now a public concern (victimless) Crime

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Received: Tuesday, 4 May, 2010, 12:05 PM

As a member of our Parliament, with the best interest of all
Victorians at the forefront, I ask you to consider the following with
an open and clear mind.

1982 The John Cain (Labour) Government placed Cannabis under the Drugs
Poisons and Substance Act, now classed as a narcotic plant, However.
the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, report
National Drug Strategy Monograph Series.Part 4.1 "cannabis has been
erroneously classified as a narcotic.."

At this point time the Victorian Parliament was largely dominated by
members of private professional Club, that had sworn an oath unto them
selves, the Legal profession, which left open to question a conflict
of interest, concerning Public Health and solicitor wealth .

As to curb the public unrest. 1995 the Jeff Kennett Government formed
The Primers Drug Advisory Council. and on the 31st May 1996 Chairman,
Professor David Pennington presented the report to Parliament, which
recommended (7.1) That possession less then 30 gram of cannabis and "
Cultivation of up to five cannabis plants per household for personal
use should no longer be an offence" As this would have caused a
financial loss to the legal profession, Subsequently Parliament,
rejected part 7.1 to 7.5 of the report.

1997 The Government announced the allocation of more then $59 million
of the $100 million four year "Turning the Tide strategy" Victorian
Police statistics showed on that around 10,000 Victorian citizen are
charged with cannabis related charges each year, based on current
arrest rate. between 1996 -2006 150, 000 Victorians were convicted for
cannabis related offences. It estimated, by election time 2010, total
offence concerning cannabis will pass 201,000 since labour was elected
to Govern Victoria..

It is of interest to note " In one year alone (1996) Legal Aid spent
$14 million on legal representation defending cannabis consumers that
pleaded guilty" It appears that the Legal profession are the only real
winners out of cannabis prohibition, which has caused an unnecessary
burden on the people of Victoria

If we consider the many thousand of responsible citizens that are
dragged before the criminal courts each year, (for a victimless crime)
and now have a criminal record for the rest of their life, as you will
be aware cannabis consumption is wide spread thru-out our today's
society, Businesses people, trade, and. profession people, However,
you may not be aware that there is no record of a lethal overdoes of
cannabis recorded in humans world wide.

Consider the amount of Victorians that use cannabis on a regular
bases, (as under 9%appeared before the Court) and then ponder over
Professor David Pennington (1996) recommendation. It appears quite
obvious to many, that thousands Victorians would not appear before the
criminal justice system, saving court cost, also the high cost of
legal Aid in Victoria. We donít need to make convict s out of good,
responsible people that prefer to use cannabis.

I find it very disturbing the advise recently received, "That the
Parliament of Victoria as no proper Act, that requires the Parliament
to make laws for peace, order, and good Government for the people of
Victoria. If this advise I received is in fact correct, must give
reason to question if " the power to protect the people of Victoria is
now to far removed from the peoples elected Parliament of Victoria"
Surely, Accountability needs to be understood..

The greatest harm to consumers of cannabis is current law, and not
feeling safe in their own homeís in Victoria. The are subject of their
front doors being smashed down, (5am) the children terrified, by the
armed police, parents forced to lay naked, on the floor, order to roll
over put your legs apart, to be observed all the members of the
raiding party, No doubt in search of cannabis. yes Victimless Crime.

With due respect, The passing of time has revealed that cannabis
prohibition has not worked in the best interest of the public of
Victoria, it has caused a division amougts the people, and created an
unnecessary and future burden on the people of Victoria.

We feel it would be far better for all concerned Victorian, If you
could consider, and if you see fit to do so, recommend to Parliament
to issue yearly permits to registered consumers of cannabis,
permitting them to comply with the recommendation 7.1 to 7.5 of the
Professor David Pennington report to Parliament. 1996.

Change of registration-permits annual fee of $100.00 plus GST. Cost of
cannabis reduced as many consumers of cannabis could make a beverage
or add the herb cannabis as food supplements this removing the health
risk of smoking cannabis.

Every person has the rights to feel safe in the state of Victoria in
their home, the right to chose between good and bad, alcohol is the
mayor cause of family violence in today's society. There must be a
solution an alternative.

I thank you for your time and Patience It would be greatly appreciate
to be informed of your future intention or opinion on any the issues

Yours faithfully
Les McDonald
The Concerned Australians
Email (bebuybac@yahoo.com.au)

Ps. The Australian Government reports state that 55,OOO canabiss
offence occure evey year national. If so many people are breaking the
Law some thing must be wrong with the Law

Your personal comments would assit, for what is good or what is

are Laws for peace order and good government?  thinking of the future.

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