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TURMEL: Introduction and Questions POLCOA

Von: KingofthePaupers (johnturmel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.05.2010 22:54
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> Hi, I have only recently discovered this Yahoo group MedPot.

Jct: I hope you're subbed to MedPot-discuss because MedPot is only my
posts and not our discussions.

> Some time ago I spoke in brief with a person known as Lady Di near the GT
A. She suffers with chronic pain and then some. She showed me her licenses
to own and grow and mentioned this POLCOA defense and that it might be poss
ible for me be prescribed M.J. if I found it alleviated my symptoms. At tha
t time, I looked in to Med M.J. and decided that it was an unstable mess wi
th the possibility for dire consequences. As you know H.C. at one time appa
rently released the names of all those Med M.J. patients; damn that's rude.
Additionally, my illness is not even listed and I heard (anecdotally) that
even for those with a type one illness it can be terribly difficult to obt
ain a prescription.
I suffer from depression and anxiety stemming (seemingly) from a
nervous break-down I suffered about eight years ago... A couple of
months after the breakdown, I started seeing a Psychiatrist and was
diagnosed with depression and anxiety; he prescribed me Venlafaxine,
Chlordiazepoxide and Mirtazapine. I also managed to obtain ODSP due to
the anxiety (agoraphobia) and bouts of depression. Side effects of the
above meds that I experienced were/are drowsiness, headaches, flashes,
dizziness, weight gain, impotency, inability to concentrate, etc.
Although I thought these meds were working I was also very concerned
with the harm I felt I was doing to myself popping pills all day. I
tried to cut back on the prescribed meds but the bouts of depression
would return.

A few years ago I found that when I use M.J. (after the initial 10
minutes of uncertainty) I become more jovial, interested, conversant,
etc. I cannot use M.J. all the time (as in all day) but even when I am
not using I find myself looking forward to using which seems to help
in and of itself. I have never used M.J. and then fallen into a
depressed state; in fact I see that as impossible, at least that's the
way I feel about it. Since turning to M.J. as a med, I have cut down
on the amount of Chlordiazepoxide and Mirtazapine I take and I have
completely stopped taking Venlafaxine (which was the med that appears
to have been causing the most annoying side effects). I am able to
produce my own Med M.J. which is a doubled edged sword since I enjoy
the nurturing and learning more about it with every batch.

But I often become terrified that I am moments away from being put in
a holding cell in handcuffs and chains.

Jct: If you're one of the unlucky ones forced to suffer a raid, it's
the worst of it.

> I am taking as many detection avoidance precautions as possible but I am 
worried about the upcoming O.H. Smart Meter program and my usage `footprint
' which may be associated with production.

People will talk about pain, epilepsy, etc much more easily than
depression and anxiety; unfortunately, depression remains somewhat
taboo. Therefore, much of the above remains my dirty little secret.
Although I have suggested that Med M.J. appears to work for me as an
alternative to pills, I am certain that there are arguments to the
contrary and therefore I do not consider that I have a viable Med-Pot

So this brings me to now and my questions. I have read some of the
details of the POLCOA defense/argument but I am by no means an expert
and although I consider my self intelligent, I find that I can become
lost in the legalese. Anyway, obviously I am hopeful that my discovery
of your group is a turn for the best. I cannot afford a lawyer nor can
I stash away $20k-$50k; I simply do not have access to that kind of

Jct: Lucky you. People who pay lawyers are paying to be pled guilty.
We're not lawyers and we can't charge. We're all do-it-yourselfers,
self-defenders, guerrilla lawyers.

> 1) I live with my girlfriend who owns the house in which I produce. The b
ills are in my name since I rented this house before she bought it from my
previous landlords. My girlfriend works fulltime. Are the police likely to
confiscate the house upon arrest?

Jct: It's a heck of a threat to think they'll come after your house
that allayed when you realize the they've admitted the law was dead,
twice, and POLCOA says Parliament has to bring it back to life so it's
still dead.

> 2) I was thinking about putting together a `crash kit' (printing out and 
preparing as much of the application kit in advance as possible) given that
after an arrest I would be homeless and likely penniless. However, you fre
quently seem to be adjusting the `kit' which might render any advance prep
void. Do you think I should just monitor the MedPot group and forego buildi
ng the `crash kit'?

Jct: Yes, download the most recent factum when you need it. Have the
latest saved.

> You might post a big POLCOA over your grow-op door. At least they won't b
e too quick to destroy the stuff when they realize you're with the group wh
o keep getting it back.

3) Can you suggest anything else I might do in advance (of an arrest)
that would help me to be prepared to deliver a defense?

Jct: Maybe have a few of the getout.doc forms which explain it in one
page to hand out.

> 4) What rate of success are you having with POLCOA? Success being measure
d as the percentage of defendants that submit the application that see a po
sitive effect vs those that submit the application only to have it ignored

Jct: 100% so far. Even those who got lowered pleas as well as those
who stood firm for the whole shebang are happy with the result. Even
those whose Prohibitions were dismissed and are still before the
courts, Martin, Turner, Parker, Pallister are happy with being on
offence. The cops didn't call the bust on my Casino Turmel "Project
Robin Hood" for nothing, we sure do have a band of merry men, and
women, here. Pierre Champagne, Bruce Ryan, James Wallace, Ed Martin,
Sandy Kramer, Derek Francisco, Marc Beaudoin, Rudy Seegobin, Randy
Post,Joel Bollers, Ken Surgent, Jay Moore.Todd Yaroslawsky offered
everything back for possession plea still wants it all, Dominic
Gravel, Richard Johnson gets 6 months probation, wife & daughter
charges withdrawn, Doug, Laurie, Danielle Nielsen family similar deal,
Yvon Denis elated at how seriously his judge took his issue, Elisha
McDermott elated by her chances, more.. You might say there's is not
one unhappy self-defender and so far, only Real Martin convicted but
still on appeal 7 years later. The beauty is that each and every one
understands that only Parliament brings laws to life and keep asking
how the courts managed to pull it off and they're rather duck the
issue and keep collecting guilty pleas from "represented" victims than
have a POLCOA expose the invalidation for all to see.

> 5) Once arrested could I realistically depend on the Med-Pot group for an
swers to legal procedural questions such that I could mount my own defense
without depending on a lawyer (God, the rich have it so easy).

Jct: Things are already going wild as success breeds interest. More
POLCOAs are being filed in Alberta and there are now some going on in
New  Brunswick. I'm trying to keep them up to date at the calendar
here at the http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/MedPot-discuss group
so if you're subbed, we all get a notice 3 days before each event.

> 6) If I were to submit an application based on POLCOA is it at possible t
hat any of the POLCOA defense team would represent me gratis or are the peo
ple currently in the POLCOA `pipe' paying a POLCOA defense team fee?

Jct: No, the POLCOA team are going to explain to you how your Gaudet
and Wilson Aces work and you'll have to go play them yourself. Just
memorize the Gaudet and Wilson goodies and understand what they're
saying they're afraid of and those are your aces explained by them.
And finally, the POLCOA prong, are they going to obey the J.P.
decision that says to ignore Parliament's Interpretation Act which
says to deem the prohibitions still repealed until Parliament brings
them back and to deem them "absent until fixed by the courts."

> 7a) What is the current state overall of the POLCOA when compared with is

Jct: POLCOA means prohibition died on Terry Parker Day until
Parliament enacts a new prohibition.

> 7b) have your arguments been diminished since Parker?

Jct: POLCOA is based on Parker. Once the Parker  court abrogated the
prohibition, it took Parliament to legislate a new one. Parliament
Only Legislates, Courts Only Abrogate.

> 7c) are you always a trial away from your singularity?

jct: Yes. The first time they stand and fight and lose, it's game
over. It only takes one judge to see no matter how many before him
could not.

> 7d) given that there have been a few pot rallies of late, are these assoc
iated with an outlook that POLCOA is reaching its singularity?

Jct: These pot rallies are organized by people profit from
prohibition. I just want to end prohihition and get on to fixing
banking and they have opposed me. What can I say if being an honest
reformer doesn't fit in with their plans? White's pained black and
black is painted white by those with the brushes.

> I hope I have not insulted you with any of my questions and that my expla
ination of my situation was not a trivial waste of your time.

Jct: I don't get insulted, I insult right back, so I wasn't insulted
because I didn't need to.

> I thank you in advance for any consideration you may give to a reply,

Jct: Important questions are more and more people are going to self-
defence, really self-offence, route and I don't think Derek has the
time to handle too many more. I should make a request that people who
beat their charge with a POLCOA should mentor the next guy in their
region's courthouse. Like Jay Moore might mentor George Roe, a newbie
from Calgary.

> Yours truly, Anom. (Root Cause)
Jct: Thanks, stay tuned, but better, spread the POLCOA word.

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